NEW MEME ALERT: “Whataboutism” Meme Means It’s Okay for US to Do Everything It Accuses Russia Of

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 22, 2018

We’ve got a hot new meme on the block and it’s a real rad character.

Meet “whataboutism” – it’s about to knock your socks off.

This new meme – “whataboutism” – is used to dismiss any concerns regarding what the American government does, ever. In particular, it is intended as the ultimate response to someone who responds to allegations of Russian shitposting with “what about America though?”

For example:

  1. When hearing about Russians shitposting on Twitter being a criminal conspiracy to overthrow American democracy, someone says: “yeah but what about the fact that the US government has been openly rigging other governments’ elections for decades, and will actually invade countries to change governments that they don’t like, claiming that they are ‘spreading democracy’?”
  2. The Jew then responds: “oh that’s just whataboutism. America doing something doesn’t mean someone else is allowed to do something.”


  1. When a white person says: “well, why are the Jews allowed to have an ethnically pure state and we are forced to be flooded with the genetic refuse of the earth?”
  2. The ADL Jew then responds: “oh that’s just whataboutism. Jews rounding up immigrants and putting them in barbed-wire concentration camps until they can be deported has nothing to do with you, you are a nation of immigrants.”

This meme has far-reaching abilities.

For another example:

  1. Someone is in court for shooting someone, and says “yeah but what about the fact that the guy broke into my home and was raping my wife?”
  2. The Jew lawyer responds: “oh that’s just whataboutism. Someone breaking into your home and raping your wife doesn’t give you the right to shoot them.”

And so on.

This is an all-purpose meme that allows Jews to excuse literally anything that they do, ever, by saying that every single event exists in a vacuum.

I am really proud of the Jews for finally inventing a good meme.

Just look at how well it is working to promote the idea that America is allowed to engineer the government of every country on the planet, but Russia isn’t allowed to post memes on Twitter.

The Jewish NYT journalist Jim Rutenberg is a meme genius.


Citing dozens of well-documented cases of direct US interference in foreign lands is just Russian whataboutism and also very unfair, because democracy promotion is a “stated US policy,” according to the sharp sticks at MSNBC.

During a not-at-all predictable discussion on MSNBC’s ‘Deadline White House’, host Nicolle Wallace pressed her guests to weigh-in on former US ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul’s recent twitter accusation.

As if momentarily hypnotized by a KGB electromagnetic wave weapon, New York Times journalist Jim Rutenberg conceded that “there is some truth to the fact that the United States has engaged in election meddling over its history,” but then quickly came to his senses, clarifying that American meddling is usually nothing more than altruistic attempts to help democratic movements defeat evil foreign despots. “What Ambassador McFaul is onto is that it’s not always the same thing,” Rutenberg said.

Not missing a beat, Wallace, who served as director of media affairs at the White House under George W. Bush before becoming a fancy television host, plunged head-first into US government talking points, as if magically transported back to 2003.

“Right. Sometimes it’s standing up for the Iranian dissidents who are being hung from cranes for being gay. I mean, America’s role in supporting democracy is a stated US policy.”


You see, everything that ZOG does they are allowed to do, because it is good.

It is good because it is done by ZOG and everything that ZOG does is good.

This is simple, basic metaphysics, goyim.

Rutenberg eagerly agreed, then bemoaned that, while Hannity was broadcasting highly discourteous truths about US foreign policy, “the Russian behavior that we’re talking about now is ongoing, it’s probably iterating. We’re coming into the mid-terms and we’re still trying to find out what happened in 2016.”

Not everyone was swayed by MSNBC’s ‘expert panel,’ however.

“It’s nonsensical,” radio host Jon Gaunt told RT. “We need to ask the people of Libya: Are they happy with the involvement of the Americans?” He added that “America [is] much more guilty than Russia” of interfering in “other people’s interests.”

Oh yes – we catch the Russians red-handed organizing Black Lives Matter rallies on Twitter for some reason, and then this guy goes straight to “yeah but what about when the US bombed and completely destroyed the government of Libya, leading to a terrorist takeover that has led to hundreds of thousands of deaths and a massive migrant crisis, among other things?”

Classic case of whataboutism, smdh.

Just because the US randomly bombs and destroys countries doesn’t mean Russians are somehow justified in shitposting on Twitter, guy.


Does not justify this. 

Get your facts straight.

Learn metaphysics.

Of Course…

Some people will claim that the way that this “whataboutism” term is being used is totally outside of the context of its original meaning, and that when you are saying “Russia has to engage in similar political techniques to the US in order to make sure they can effectively compete on the global stage,” you are simply giving a legitimate explanation for a geopolitical strategy.

And do you know what we call people who would say that?

Russian bots.