New Los Angeles DA Says He Will Stop Prosecuting Most Crimes

The new Los Angeles District Attorney, George Gascon, has announced that he’s basically not going to arrest people for crimes anymore.

He is the former DA of San Francisco – so he is not joking around.

During his tenure in SF, crime spiked massively, because he refused to punish anyone for crimes. What he is planning for LA is even worse.

I will wager he’s going to enforce the lockdowns, however.

“I recognize that these are big changes, but they are changes that will enable us to actually affect the truly vulnerable,” Gascón said in a speech announcing this coming “scientific” transformation.

“The money bail system is as unsafe as it is unjust,” Gascón said. “The rich can be dangerous while the poor impose zero threat to society. The amount of money a person has in their bank account does not determine the danger they pose to their community,” he continued.

He has announced that he will end: cash bail, felony enhancements, and the prosecution of minors as adults.

He also of course wants to drastically transform the police force.

Last month, Californians voted against ending cash bail, but that is the thing about democracy – it means being forced to do things you do not want to do.

This is commonly referred to as “freedom,” and it is what the government is saying we need to bring to the Chinese.

This transformation of Los Angeles is what Joe Biden’s team is planning on bringing to the entire country. They want you to be stuck in a nightmare of endless crime and fear of crime as they destroy everything you’ve ever cared about.

It’s going to be pretty funny though when blacks aren’t even sent to jail for murder, but the jails are packed out with mask refusalists.