New Leftist Plan: Drug Nazis with Magic Mushrooms to Fight Fascism

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
Febuary 4, 2017

Can mushrooms turn you away from American nationalism?

The Jew liberal establishment has been in full-panic mode for over a year now, and we’re starting to see some of the more hilarious fruits of that phenomenon.

Scientists are looking into new innovative ways to “fight fascism” (ie. the Alt-Right and Trumpism). For example, a few months back, scientists found a link between authoritarian attitudes and being infected with parasites:

TOP KEK! Actually, that sounds about right.

Unfortunately, they didn’t arrive at the obvious conclusion that getting rid of parasites such as Jews and negroes would do wonders for their agenda to stem the tide of fascism.

Now, a new study claims that ingesting magic mushrooms will “cure” people of their authoritarian attitudes.

Big Think:

Researchers found unlikely heroes in keeping the world from authoritarianism – magic mushrooms. Scientists from the Psychedelic Research Group at Imperial College London showed that psilocybin, the active compound in psychedelic mushrooms, makes people less likely to embrace authoritarian views like fascism and more connected with nature.


The study, authored by Taylor Lyons and Robin L. Carhart-Harris, a leading researcher in this field, shows that psilocybin treatment can lead to lasting changes in such mindsets.


I guess tripping out on shrooms is a “treatment” now. OK.

“Our findings tentatively raise the possibility that given in this way, psilocybin may produce sustained changes in outlook and political perspective, here in the direction of increased nature relatedness and decreased authoritarianism,” write Carhart-Harris and Lyons.

The main issue here is the ridiculous assumption that feelings of connectedness with nature and authoritarianism are somehow incompatible.

In reality, soyboy commie faggotry is a symptom of total disconnectedness with the natural order.

This is nature:

No communism here.

Somehow the ants don’t care about the bee’s feelings.

Yes, even plants can be vicious killers.

Hippy types are generally city-dwellers whose only relationship to nature is watching documentaries on TV and taking the occasional hike.

Country folk who actually are connected with nature, by virtue of living in it, usually have a much harder and more authoritarian view of the world.

2016 election map. Notice how the vast wilderness is largely red, while the urbanized coastlines are blue. This is not a coincidence.

What Lyons and Carhart-Harris set out to understand in their relatively small current study (involving 14 subjects) was whether using psilocybin could specifically promote anti-authoritarian attitudes and nature-oriented feelings. They compared 7 subjects with major depression, who were resistant to previous treatment and now received two oral doses of psilocybin, to 7 control subjects who were not taking the psychedelic ingredient.

The scientists checked in with the participants before they started treatment, a week into it and after 7-12 months. They found that participants who got the psilocybin had a clear increase in their attitudes of nature-relatedness after just 1 week – an effect they sustained after 7-12 months as well.

“Before I enjoyed nature, now I feel part of it,” wrote one subject. “Before I was looking at it as a thing, like TV or a painting… [But now I see] there’s no separation or distinction, you are it.”

These participants also showed a marked and lasting decrease in authoritarian attitudes and had fewer depression symptoms. Those who have not received the drug, showed no such changes.

Psilocybin is a drug that improves neuro-plasticity. In other words, it allows your brain to make new connections, improving the ability to learn new things, give up on old habits, and so on. Naturally, with weak-minded people who are also living in an liberalized environment, that will also make them absorb the surrounding propaganda more effectively.

It could be worthy of further study in terms of its use in therapy, but it definitely doesn’t have any inherent ability to make people “less authoritarian,” whatever that means.

It’s crazy how unhinged these people are becoming as a result of this “Trump panic.”