New Jersians Rise Up Against Governor Cuckface McNoFreedoms

These protests are happening more often, they’re getting more aggressive.

I don’t know where this is going to go. But something is going to have to give. As more and more people exit the haze of mass hysteria, and begin looking at the facts of reality – both about the virus itself and about the economic fallout from the lockdown – this is going to become a massive movement.

At least 150 protesters descended on New Jersey’s Statehouse in Trenton on Thursday to blast the near-lockdown restrictions Gov. Phil Murphy has put in place to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.

Chanting “open New Jersey now” and “freedom over fear” and waving American flags and banners supporting President Donald Trump, the protesters demanded Murphy, a Democrat, effectively reopen the state.

The group, which ignored social-distancing guidelines by congregating and crowding close together, ended the protest outside the Trenton War Memorial, where Murphy holds his daily coronavirus briefings.

At Thursday’s briefing, Murphy reported at least 254 New Jersey residents have died from complications from the virus, bringing the state’s total to at least 8,801 deaths since the state’s first reported COVID-19 fatality March 11.

It’s the second time in as many weeks that protests of that size occurred in Trenton. Hundreds gathered in a similar manner on April 28.

The way these news articles are framing this stuff is completely insane.

This was the headline of that article:

I’m getting to the point where I feel like I’m going to go insane if I keep repeating these same things over and over again, but here we go.

1.) What is the plan here?

If people are going to die from this virus, they’re going to die from this virus. The virus exists.

The original lockdown was to “flatten the curve,” which meant stretching out the timeframe within which people got sick so that the hospitals didn’t get overwhelmed and everyone got proper treatment. But the hospitals were not overwhelmed. So what are we doing still locked up? Are we going to just stay locked up indefinitely? That seems to be the agenda here. There is no point at which it would make more sense to open up than in the spring, when the virus is going to be much less contagious.

2.) Who is dying?

This virus only kills people who are either very old or chronically ill. Most of the population is neither of those things. It’s no use to talk now about why we quarantined a bunch of people who had effectively a zero risk of dying instead of quarantining the vulnerable (and the infected). But at this point, we know how stupid this was, and there is nothing keeping the government from quarantining nursing homes and advising anyone who is otherwise at risk to remain at home.

Why isn’t that happening? Why are they still telling us we all have to stay locked in our houses?

Well, either they don’t think the economy is fully destroyed and they want to make sure we can’t possibly ever recover from this, or they are just planning on keeping us in a permanent state of lockdown, indefinitely.

I don’t know which it is, but it is one or the other.

They did this to us on purpose. This is not some idiotic accident. Before we ever went into lockdown, we know from both China and Italy that this virus is only deadly to old people and people who otherwise have serious medical problems.

If there was any room to believe that this was all just a massive screwup, then that disappeared when they changed the purpose of the lockdown from “flatten the curve” to “PLEASE PEOPLE ARE DYING JUST STAY INSIDE PLEASE IF YOU GO OUTSIDE PEOPLE WILL DIE PLEASE HAVE A HEART PLEASE.”

Never forget that on April 15, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy told Tucker Carlson that when he implemented this lockdown, him and his people “were not thinking about the Bill of Rights.” He gave a little giggle when he said that, seemingly amused by the idea that anyone would think they could have rights when there is a virus.