New Jersey: Terrorist Mayor Domenick Stampone Calls for Violence Against Political Dissidents

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 3, 2016


Mayor Domenick Stampone claims he is not a Jew. Hm.

Less than a week after the Battle of Sacramento, and presumably in response to it, Domenick Stampone, the Mayor of Haledon, New Jersey, called for violent attacks on political dissidents, posting an image of a Nazi with a black-masked terrorist beating him with a bat and the words “Never let the fascists take the streets #antifa.”

“Take the streets” is a reference to any form of political organization. It is the antifa belief that any right-wing groups which attempt to peacefully assemble should be violently shut down.

Following some backlash, Stampone complained that he was being targeted with “anti-Semitic slurs,” protesting that he is not Jewish.

He has not explained why he thought it appropriate, as an elected official, to call for organized terrorist violence against peaceful political dissidents.

Maybe you should go visit him on Twitter and ask him to make a statement on why he believes this is okay.

You may also want to give him a call.

973-595-7766 ext. 101

It’s a holiday, but you can leave a message. Or you can wait until Tuesday.