New Jersey: Arab Doctor Charged with Soliciting Prostitution was Also Selling Fentanyl Prescriptions

When Israel sends their Palestinians, they’re not sending their best…

The Trentonian:

A Hamilton doctor arrested last month in a prostitution case now faces possible revocation of his New Jersey medical license on allegations he recklessly prescribed opioids.

Mukaram Gazi is accused of pushing fentanyl-based medications in exchange for “substantial payments,” authorities announced this week.

Gazi is one of five doctors implicated in a statewide opioid-kickback scheme, the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office said in a news release.

State Attorney General Gurbir Grewal announced the allegations against Gazi and four other physicians on Monday, saying all five doctors fueled New Jersey’s opioid epidemic by recklessly prescribing painkillers in exchange for tens of thousands of dollars in financial kickbacks.

Trenton Police, meanwhile, say they have recently arrested Gazi in a hooker solicitation case.

Under New Jersey state law, “The actor engages in prostitution by personally offering sexual activity in exchange for something of economic value.”

City police charged Gazi under New Jersey’s criminal statutes against prostitution, slapping him with a disorderly persons offense that remains pending in Trenton Municipal Court.

But the prostitution case may be the least of Gazi’s worries as he faces potentially bigger penalties in the opioid-kickback complaint.

Gazi and Co. are accused of pushing Subsys, a fentanyl-based medication, after receiving substantial payments from the drug’s manufacturer, Insys Therapeutics Inc.

The AG’s Office identified the doctors as Gazi of Hamilton; Serge Menkin of Holmdel; Kieran Slevin of Hainesport; Felix Roque of West New York; and Alexandru Burducea of Newark.

Gazi is accused of participating in the opioid-kickback scheme from 2013 through 2015, pocketing approximately $132,000 in direct payments from Insys.

Imagine that the Jews took these people’s land and then sent them to our country so they could sell drugs to our hookers to get discounts.

Everything the Jews do, they win big.

How on earth would anyone ever expect these strangers in our country, with no connection to it at all, to not abuse us for profit?

White people are so absurd. They think just because they wouldn’t go to someone else’s country and abuse them, no one would do it to them, and it’s “racist” to explain that yes, they would.

I think we have enough evidence at this point that brown people with nothing invested in our society do not feel an obligation to act in a pro-social way.

Insys Therapeutics Inc., the company that was paying doctors to illegally distribute fentanyl, is owned by….

John Kapoor.

These brown people we brought into our country are picking the flesh from the bones of our nation. They don’t care if every single one of our kids die of an overdose.

None of us know anyone who died from the coronavirus, but we all know people who died from opioids.