New Holocaust Occurs as Swastikas are Drawn Outside a Yale University Residence Hall

Daily Slave
October 15, 2014

Yale University – the site of a new Holocaust after swastikas were drawn outside a residence hall.

A new holocaust occurred recently as some evil Jew hating anti-Semite Nazi person drew swastikas outside of a Yale University residence hall.  The vile act by this obviously insane individual will result in another 60 trillion Jews being gassed and turned into soap.  This was confirmed by various New York City rabbis while they were torturing animals and mutilating the genitalia of children.


Unknown vandals drew swastikas at the entrance to a Yale University freshman residence hall late on Sunday night, according to The Yale Daily News.

It was the second anti-Semitic incident at the university in a little more than a month. Previously, several swastikas were drawn on a whiteboard in another freshman dorm.

And last week, only hours after Yom Kippur, swastikas and other offensive graffiti were found outside Alpha Epsilon Pi house — a nationally Jewish fraternity – at Emory University in Atlanta.