New Hoax Virus in India Making Media Waves

Who believes in all of these viruses???

I guess the same people who watch Marvel Disney blockbusters.

CBS News:

Authorities in India’s southern Kerala state are racing to contain an outbreak of the Nipah virus. The virus, which is not related to the coronavirus behind the current global pandemic and is far more deadly, killed a 12-year-old boy in Kerala over the weekend, prompting stepped-up efforts to trace his contacts. New infections have been confirmed.

The boy was admitted to a hospital a week ago with high fever. As his condition worsened and doctors suspected inflammation of his brain (encephalitis), his blood samples were sent to the National Institute of Virology, where tests confirmed a Nipah infection. He died early on Sunday.

Government authorities have stepped up contact tracing efforts, identifying, quarantining and testing people who may have come into contact with the young victim. According to the state’s health minister, Veena George, 188 people who came into contact with the boy had been identified by Monday. Of them, 20 were considered high-risk primary contacts — primarily his family members, all of whom were being held under strict quarantine or hospitalized.

India is a country riddled with disease.

Do you know why?

Because it’s disgusting.

These people don’t need viruses to have rampant disease.

There’s no mystery.

Adding viruses to the mix does not clear anything up.

But apparently, there is going to be a market for these types of hoaxes as long as people are really stupid.