New Gene Therapy HIV Vaxx in the Pipeline! Infinity Vaxxes for Fake Diseases!

As predicted, we are now going to see an endless stream of vaccines rolled out based on the gene therapy delivery mechanisms that were developed for the coronavirus vaccine in Donald Trump’s “Operation Warpspeed.”

The Telegraph:

A novel HIV vaccine, developed at the University of Oxford in the wake of the Covid-19 vaccine success, is to be trialled on humans.

The goal of the trial is to evaluate the safety, tolerability and immunogenicity (its ability to provoke an immune response) of the HIVconsvX vaccine.

Researchers at Oxford’s Jenner Institute, which developed the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine, have started vaccinations of the novel HIV vaccine candidate as part of a Phase 1 clinical trial in the UK.

Thirteen healthy, HIV-negative adults, aged 18-65 and considered not to be at high risk of infection, will initially receive one dose of the vaccine, followed by a further booster dose after four weeks.

The mosaic vaccine targets a broad range of HIV-1 variants, making it potentially applicable for HIV strains in any geographical region.

Similarly to the technology behind the Covid-19 jab, the new HIV vaccine uses genetically modified chimpanzee adenovirus vectors to carry the genetic code into the body.

“These vectors have been safely used in research vaccine studies against many different infections in Oxford and more widely,” the researchers said.

“It is absolutely impossible to become infected with HIV or Aids from these vaccines.”

Trials of the vaccine will also start in Kenya, Zambia and Uganda, it is understood.

Once again, they’re doing the trials in countries where they have do not have any liability, because they know people will die or otherwise develop horrible diseases.

But they will start pushing this on you, and telling you to give it to teenagers, because your children are most likely going to be faggots who will be at risk of getting HIV.

I wonder why it is assumed your children will be faggots?

Thinking emoji!

In actual fact, like coronavirus, HIV does not even exist, and the condition known as “AIDS” (acquired immuno-deficiency syndrome) – the collapse of the immune system of homosexuals – is actually the same thing as was originally called GRIDS (gay-related immuno-deficiency syndrome).

Even if it was caused by this secret retrovirus no one can really explain, it was already “cured” after the government poured billions into funding immune system booster drugs that are marketed as both a “prevention” and a “treatment” of “HIV.” So there is no need for a vaxx – homos just take these immune system drugs no matter what.

The reality is that anal sex disrupts gut bacteria, which destroys the immune system. Furthermore, homosexuals constantly get bacterial infections – chlamydia and gonorrhea – and basically live on antibiotics, something that no other group has ever done in history. They also use amyl nitrate, which devastates the immune system.

Point being: even if HIV exists, homosexuals would still get “AIDS” (a collapsed immune system) even if the alleged virus was eradicated.

As the inventor of the PCR test, Nobel Prize winner Kary Mullis documented, there is no documentation for the claim that HIV causes AIDS. The whole thing is a total fraud. This information is in his book, and he talked about it publicly at forums many times.

Here’s a documentary on the HIV-AIDS hoax (spoiler: it heavily features Anthony Fauci, who was the key frontman of this ridiculous hoax before becoming the frontman of the ridiculous coronavirus hoax).

These people – the technocratic elite – just want to give you all of these endless gene-altering vaccines, as a part of a program towards acclimating you to massive genetic engineering. They want to genetically engineer you to make you shorter and allergic to meat in order to fight a nonexistent climate crisis.

Watch this Computing Forever video about how high level technocrats are pushing mass genetic engineering of the population.

Also, here’s a white paper from the German “military” (it’s not actually a military, because Germany is an occupied country that is banned by the US occupation forces from having a military) about how they want to genetically modify the country to fight against the Chinese.

This is real life and it is happening.

Some drooling retard in the comments said I “sounded schizophrenic” talking about the transhuman cyborg agenda.

Well, retard – first, wipe your chin. Then answer this: is the leadership of German Bundeswehr schizophrenic, signing off on papers about this?

Is everyone at the Davos World Economic Forum schizophrenic, doing all of their forums about turning humans into genetically-engineered cyborgs?

Maybe so.

Maybe all of these people running the planet are schizophrenic.

Could be, could be.

But all I’m doing is telling you what these people are saying.

If you believe the entire elite is schizophrenic, then calling me schizophrenic for talking about it is no different than saying “anyone who believes schizophrenia exists is schizophrenic.”


This is not magic! It’s not prophecy!

When I see that some people who read this site every day are literally too stupid to click links and follow the information I’m presenting and would instead insult me for simply presenting the exact facts as they are recorded in the official documents and sources, it makes me realize just how hopeless the general population is.

The only thing you can do is run for the hills.

I would advise you to do that yesterday.