New Footage of Infamous Proud Boys Street Fight Emerges, Barely Conflicting with Gavin McInnes’ Statements

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 26, 2018

This particular crucifixion train is still marching.

Buzzfeed News:

Newly released surveillance video from a brawl between the Proud Boys, a far-right group, and leftist protesters after a Republican dinner in October appears to show the self-proclaimed “Western chauvinists” initiating the violence, contradicting the group’s claims that they were defending themselves.

On Oct. 12, Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes delivered a speech at the Metropolitan Republican Club in Manhattan, triggering counterprotests outside the building. After the event ended, several recordings captured members of McInnes’s group streaming out of the building and then clashing with a handful of leftist demonstrators who had sidestepped police blockades and were waiting for the group near another exit. When officers arrived, the Proud Boys were able to walk away, sparking outrage over whether they should have been arrested or at least questioned.

In the months following, authorities arrested and charged at least nine members of the Proud Boys with rioting and attempted assault. At least three leftist protesters were also charged.

Initially, McInnes claimed that his group descended on the protesters after one threw a water bottle at them. But now footage from a nearby building, which the New York Times obtained and released Sunday, shows two Proud Boys members beelining toward a group of about six protesters first, prompting one of the protesters to chuck the water bottle in the Proud Boys’ direction.

In the video, the Proud Boys then continue to charge right into the group, hurling punches as other members sprint toward the fight.

Of course, in the mind of any normal, rational person, being a member of a group that is stalking another group on the streets at night – which is exactly what these “protesters” were doing to the Proud Boys – is more than enough reason to get punched in the face.

Especially when you’ve already yelled at them, as the Proud Boys had.

This whole concept of the “initiation of force” being the deciding factor of who is to blame for any physical confrontation is the result of female values being promoted by Jewish legalism.

Historically in America and across the rest of the Western world, up until relatively recently in fact, the justice system was much more concerned about justice, and the argument of “yeah, we punched those guys because they were stalking us on the street with clear intent to attack us” would have been seen by a court as perfectly reasonable. If a fist fight where no one was seriously injured ever went to a court, which it pretty much never would.

But really even now, even with all of the prudeness and legalism, perhaps even in NYC, having a group of people who you know are violent stalking you on the streets as you try to get away from them would be considered extenuating circumstances.

This situation is not as extreme as the brutal crucifixion of James Fields, but it is following the same concept. Political dissidents are being publicly executed for nonsensical non-crimes.

Gavin McInnes needs better lawyers, man.

You’d think that with all he’s done for the Jews, they’d be rushing to help him out.

I wouldn’t think that.

Gavin probably would have thought that.

He might not think it anymore.