New Fake Whistleblower Says Facebook Still Doesn’t Censor Hard Enough

The previous whistleblower, a menstruating bio-hole, demanded more censorship.

Oh, another “whistleblower” saying there isn’t enough censorship on the internet?


The Guardian:

Facebook faced mounting pressure on Friday after a new whistleblower accused it of knowingly hosting hate speech and illegal activity, even as leaked documents shed further light on how the company failed to heed internal concerns over election misinformation.

Allegations by the new whistleblower, who spoke to the Washington Post, were reportedly contained in a complaint to the Securities and Exchange Commission, the US agency that handles regulation to protect investors in publicly traded companies.

In the complaint, the former employee detailed how Facebook officials frequently declined to enforce safety rules for fear of angering Donald Trump and his allies or offsetting the company’s huge growth. In one alleged incident, Tucker Bounds, a Facebook communications official, dismissed concerns about the platform’s role in 2016 election manipulation.

“It will be a flash in the pan,” Bounds said, according to the affidavit, as reported by the Post. “Some legislators will get pissy. And then in a few weeks they will move on to something else. Meanwhile, we are printing money in the basement, and we are fine.”

Washington Post:

The whistleblower told The Post of an occasion in which Facebook’s Public Policy team, led by former Bush administration official Joel Kaplan, defended a “white list” that exempted Trump-aligned Breitbart News, run then by former White House strategist Stephen K. Bannon, and other select publishers from Facebook’s ordinary rules against spreading false news reports.

When a person in the video conference questioned this policy, Kaplan, the vice president of global policy, responded by saying, “Do you want to start a fight with Steve Bannon?” according to the whistleblower in The Post interview.

It was obvious from the recently leaked Facebook blacklist that there had to be an accompanying whitelist. The list did not contain Ben Shapiro, Ezra Levant, Paul Joseph Watson, or other known “controlled opposition” shills. If it was just up to the regular Facebook censorship staff, they would put those people on the blacklist, because they have zero understanding of the nature of politics, and think Andrew Anglin and Ben Shapiro are indistinguishable “white supremacist neo-Nazis.”

Facebook clearly wants as much traffic as they can get, but there are also Jews like Kaplan behind the scenes leading people to Jewish or otherwise controlled content. (Paul Joseph Watson went on a trip, probably paid for by the State Department, to promote/assist Antifa riots in Hong Kong.)

These whistleblowers are of course pushing for the government to come in and regulate content on social media. However, when all is said and done, I have a feeling you’re still going to have Ben Shapiro at the top of every Republican’s feed.

Today, Glenn Greenwald had a good Twitter thread about the previous whistleblower, which also applies to this new one (who is pushing the same agenda, and presumably backed by the same interests).

It’s possible that Facebook itself is sending these fake whistleblowers out. They might want to remove the responsibility from themselves for their own censorship.

It seems clear that this is what Twitter wants.

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But it doesn’t matter – as Glenn says, that last bitch was backed by billionaires.

The other thing is this: Facebook wants as much personal information as possible, and if you start banning large segments of the population, you get a lot less data. The other thing is that censorship creates a chilling effect, which makes people less likely to say what they actually believe, which makes the data less accurate and therefore less useful.

Facebook wants to be able to run social simulations based on real data. That is the core value of the company – its ability to get accurate information about the behaviors and desires of real people.

So it’s possible that Facebook really is pushing back against these even more aggressive censorship steps because of what it does to their data collection model, but that other powerful Jews who don’t care as much about Facebook’s data collection want to shut it all down.

Either way: we are clearly looking at a situation where censorship is going to get kicked up a notch in the near future. It’s hard to believe, and hard to even understand what they will censor next, but it’s what is happening.

They will also likely do other forms of censorship, such as the sorts that have been done to this website.

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