New England Journal of Medicine Admits 1 in 8 Vaxed Pregnant Women Have Spontaneous Abortions

Those of us against the deadly vax have been publishing statistics about the dangers associated with pregnant women taking the vax, and the media has denounced their own statistics.

Now, the New England Journal of Medicine has posted a correction to their advice on women taking the vaccine, saying that actually, they shouldn’t take the vaccine and it’s not safe.

The study they published was updated after the researchers found that 104 of 827 pregnant women who participated in the study had spontaneous abortions after taking the vax.

That’s about 1 in 8.

And the study is big enough to assume that those numbers will hold across the board.

Here’s the correction:

mRNA Covid-19 Vaccines in Pregnant Women (Editorial, N Engl J Med 2021;384:2342-2343). At the time of publication of preliminary findings in the Original Article related to this editorial, the number of spontaneous abortions was 104 and there was 1 stillbirth. However, no proportion could be determined for the risk of spontaneous abortion among participants vaccinated before 20 weeks of gestation because follow-up information was not yet available for the majority of those persons. The article has now been updated. In the fifth paragraph of this editorial (page 2342), the first sentence should have read, “Among 827 registry participants who reported a completed pregnancy, 104 experienced spontaneous abortions and 1 had a stillbirth,” rather than, “…a completed pregnancy, the pregnancy resulted in a spontaneous abortion in 104 (12.6%) and in stillbirth in 1 (0.1%); these percentages are well within the range expected as an outcome for this age group of persons whose other underlying medical conditions are unknown.” In the same paragraph, in the sentence beginning “Among live-born infants” (page 2343), the expression “were also consistent” should have read, “were consistent.” In the seventh paragraph, beginning “Given that,” the first sentence should have ended, “…limitations in their ability to draw conclusions about spontaneous abortions, congenital anomalies, and other potential rare neonatal outcomes,” rather than “…to draw conclusions about congenital anomalies and other potential rare neonatal outcomes.” The editorial is correct at

Of course, a prominent medical journal doing a real and serious peer-reviewed study and then printing something against the vax doesn’t really mean anything. The media just won’t report on it, except to say “oh well actually, it doesn’t mean what they said it means.”


You think we’re going to see contrition?

Nope. Just hoaxes about pregnant women dying from “covid-19” and debunked hoaxes about how the vax is safe and effective for pregnant women.

It goes on and one.

There is not one single blue check tweet mentioning the NEJM retraction, and of course, anyone who isn’t a blue check will just get banned for mentioning it if their tweet gets enough exposure.

Information no longer means anything. All truth can very easily be buried in lies, and most people – the overwhelming majority – will believe lies over truth.