New Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Lets You Simulate What a Hot Mess College Life Can Be

Imagine all of the things you want in a new Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

If the thing you’re imagining is “what a hot mess college life can be,” then I’ve got news for you, pal: you’re in luck.

According to the art for the new Strixhaven campaign, this involves being an elf tranny and having sex with black men. Obviously, that’s what is implied by “hot mess college life.”


You may be thinking: “how does Wizards of the Coast even still exist, having so alienated their normal fanbase with all of this interracial tranny stuff?”

Well, it’s very simple: black people and trannies are really getting into D&D. So they just switched out their customer base for a different customer base.

Or, that is the plan.

We’re still not really sure how exactly D&D is supposed to appeal to the blacks, who appear to have other cultural interests.

Yikes. Talk about a hot mess…

No, sorry – that was racist.

Please forgive me. Please.

I understand that murder is just a part of the vibrant culture of the blacks.

Who am I to judge?

Despite cultural differences, there is no reason to believe that sometime very soon, blacks won’t start playing D&D. They don’t work, so they should have plenty of time to play between murdering old people and children.

They also have money for new campaigns with all the loot they steal and make from selling crack.

Really, it just made perfect business sense for Wizards of the Coast to attack their own customer base aggressively and try to market their products to blacks. You’d have to be a total buffoon not to understand this.