New Documentary on the Migrant Camps in the UK

Jack Hadfield is a bold sonovabitch.

I heard him on the Ralph show and he seems like a good dude too.

He made this film for National File, I guess with their financing. It’s great.

Here’s his message to the viewer:

There are only 20 miles between Great Britain and France across the English Channel, and the journey over the waves is one that many invaders have taken throughout the years, from the Romans, to the Saxons, to the Normans. Great generals have looked across the waters from the European continent to the island nation, but not in a millennium have any of them managed to conquer the land that lies beyond the sea.

Now, Dover has become the landing point for a new type of invasion. Illegal immigrants are flooding across the English Channel, assisted by the governments of France and Britain. After landing, the migrants are greeted by a scene that Napoleon and Hitler could only dream of seeing: the White Cliffs of Dover.

My team and I scoured the beaches and ports to document their landings and learn the perspective of native Britons. We even spoke to the migrants themselves to discover how they reached the United Kingdom, and more importantly, why they wanted to make the crossing that has been impossible for almost a thousand years.

I invite you to watch our documentary, and join us as we explore the global crisis of illegal migration, and see how it not only affects one small community of Britons, but the United Kingdom as a whole.

(I’m a little bit late on posting this. It was released an entire week ago. In fact, I haven’t even watched it myself, just saw some clips and heard an interview with Jack. I was really busy this week. I’m trying to put together a book. I hope you’ll all forgive me.)