New Coronavirus Variant in Israel

The new variant is said to infiltrate the cells by offering them low interest rates on protoplasm, and then adjusting those interest rates and repossessing the entire cell.

Interesting and important and really unexpected news here for you, folks.


The first case of a potentially dangerous combination of Covid-19 and the flu has been discovered in a young, pregnant, unvaccinated woman in Israel.

The hybrid condition was diagnosed at Rabin Medical Center in Petah Tikva earlier this week, when a woman went into labor.

“She was diagnosed with the flu and coronavirus as soon as she arrived. Both tests came back positive, even after we checked again,” the head of the hospital’s gynecology department, Professor Arnon Vizhnitser said, as quoted by newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth, which was the first to report on the double infection case.

He added that the patient had mild symptoms and that influenza and Covid are actually the same disease because both attack the upper respiratory tract. The woman was discharged from the hospital on Thursday.

“We are seeing more and more pregnant women with the flu. It is definitely a great challenge dealing with a woman who comes in with a fever at childbirth and you do not know if it’s coronavirus or the flu, so you refer to them the same. Most of the illness is respiratory,” Vizhnitser said.

Looking like the whole coronavirus thing is winding down.

Should be over in a week or two.

Then we can all get back to normal.