New Coronavirus Lambda Variant to Fight Delta Variant for Virus Supremacy, WHO Says

The final showdown is headed right for us.

I haven’t been this excited since Godzilla finally fought Kong, only for them to team up against global warming.

Jerusalem Post:

A new COVID-19 variant that vaccines are reportedly less effective against, referred to as the Lambda variant, has been classified as a variant of interest by the World Health Organization (WHO).

The effects of the Lambda variant were examined by a team of researchers, and the results were shared in a non-peer reviewed study published by Health Science website “medRxiv.”

They concluded that the mutations present in the spike protein of the Lambda variant vastly reduce the vaccine efficiency  in comparison to the Alpha and Gamma variants, although no comparison was made between the Lambda and Delta variants.

Originally identified in Peru last year, the Lambda variant is responsible for 82% of new COVID cases in Peru over the past two months. About a third of cases in Chile over the same time frame were also caused by the Lambda strain, and the UK is among the few non-South American countries to have identified the variant in a handful of cases, according to Fortune magazine.

Let me highlight something.

>vastly reduce the vaccine efficiency

Of course, for readers of Hoax Watch, that isn’t really new news, is it?

We told you before any vaccine existed that they would just create new variants and say the vaccine stopped working so they can keep this all going.

It isn’t ever going to end.