New Congress Sworn in as Old Blabbering Hen Pelosi Vows to Restart Government

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 3, 2019

Why did Nancy Pelosi’s daughter say that her mother would cut people’s heads off?

Is this supposed to be some quaint reference to… Game of Thrones?

Is she threatening to have the President of the United States executed, in the manner of Ned Stark?


Furthermore, how did CNN not deal with the reflections on this bitch’s glasses?

Anyway… today is the day.

New Congress is being sworn in.

Nancy will be Speaker, despite this entire stupid media drama that has been going on since the election that she might not be.

She is vowing to push through a bill to restart the government as a first order of business.

Senate leader Mitch McConnell has already said he won’t send a bill to the President that the President hasn’t agreed to sign, and the bill can’t go through without the Senate, so Nancy can’t really do anything at all other than make noise.

She isn’t very good at making noises. These noises she makes are often confusing, if not outright unintelligible.

Like an old blabbering hen – a clucking bitty, if you will.

The media has been making a huge attempt to tell people that the “shutdown” somehow matters, and yet thus far nothing has stuck. Because the only things that are shut down are things that no normal person could possibly care about. The fact that feds are not getting paid actually makes people want this shutdown to go on indefinitely, as everyone hates the feds.

So basically, as long as Mitch McConnell doesn’t crack, Trump can keep playing chicken forever, and eventually Pelosi will have to crack.

Trump has nothing to lose.

Of course, Mitch McConnell is a piece of shit and a shill, and if he decides to go along with the Pelosi/Schumer anti-Trump agenda, the two Houses can override a Presidential veto to get these useless government services started back up again.

Honestly, a veto override would look good for Trump. I have heard people saying it would make him look weak – and he himself might believe that – but what it would actually do is demonstrate the nature of our current situation, which is that this man was elected as President with a mandate and the entire government has gone to war with him to prevent him from fulfilling that mandate.

The best approach that Donald Trump can take to his own base – and I say this as his base – is to demonstrate publicly every single chance that he gets that he is almost completely powerless in the face of the machine that is the entrenched US government “steady state.”

Because people can sympathize with that. They cannot sympathize when they feel betrayed, as Ann Coulter is feeling. Instead, they end up sympathizing with Ann Coulter.