New Clock Allows People to Stalk Other People

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
January 15, 2018

A new clock is being developed which will use a phone app to show your friends and family where you are.

This is a highly disturbing bugman creation. It allows for a hell of a lot more ways for people you don’t want tracking you to track you.

Generally, the government has a lot more effective ways to track you than a wall clock. The main concern here would be malicious individuals using this information to find out your schedule for any number of reasons that person would have to track you.

Another concern would be your employers, or the company selling your information.

How long until microchipping becomes more popular and mandatory for some jobs?

How long after that until it integrates this type of system with the intention of allowing the clock to show your family where you are?

How difficult would it then be for your employer and tech companies to track your habits for any number of purposes which would certainly not be in your benefit?