New Cinderella Film is Very White

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 22, 2015

I just watched Interstellar, which I will probably write about in the near future, and could not help but note throughout the film the abject ridiculousness of having a Negro scientist in space.  But this is the directive.  Even when it makes zero sense, you must have color in films.  The recent Hobbit films, which were overall very good and true to the book, actually had Negroes in remote villages.  For no reason.  Simply due to diversity quotas.

Studios seem to be catching on to the fact, however, that a movie is likely to be more successful the less color it has.  On a subconscious level, when Whites watch these films and see only other Whites, they feel more comfortable and it makes them take a better stance toward the film generally.  And of course the massive Asian box offices have no interest in Negroes.

The Blacks flipped their lids over Frozen last year, which was all White.  Now Disney has put together a new Cinderella film, which does appear to have one Negro, but is otherwise very White.  No doubt the Negroes will cry yet again.

Though I never expect anything positive from Hollywood, this film does look quite wholesome, and it’s director Kenneth Branagh is definitely among the best Hollywood has to offer.

And if it sticks to the original story, it would be hard to go wrong, as it is a classic of European storytelling.

Ye Olde Cinderella
Ye Olde Cinderella

Anyway, I just wanted to share this, as the trailer was refreshing, and it is always good to note positives. Even the little things.