New Caravan of Invaders Leaves Honduras, Heads to the US to Work in Trump’s Foreigners-Only Factories

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
April 11, 2019

President Twitter-Bigmouth Potato deep throats Bibi’s frankencock while the enemy launches new invading armies towards our lands.

America First, right?

At least the Jews cheer for him.

Daily Mail:

Nearly one thousand people gathered in the Honduran town of San Pedro Sula on Tuesday evening to form a new caravan bound for the US border.

The hopeful migrants first mobilized on social media, their number taking authorities by surprise as previous online appeals have failed to garner a significant response.

‘There are more than 800, almost a thousand,’ a police official told AFP.

Among the bustling crowd were a number of families with young children seeking to escape the rising violent crime and unemployment levels currently blighting the Central American country.

Many of the migrants set-off on their 1,600 mile journey to the border on Tuesday evening in a swell of overcrowded minibuses. Others huddled together and slept in the streets as they awaited more shuttles.

We are done with this government, there is no work,’ said 27-year-old Alexis Perez ahead of the voyage.

More of the congregation left on Wednesday morning and were pictured walking on foot and cramming into the back of pick-up trucks as they departed from the Metropolitan Center towards the Guatemalan border.

Oh, work. Yes. If you’re looking for a job, America is the right place for you, buddy.

At least according to President Trump.

You see, we have plenty of factories here, and not enough workers to work in them. Also, the American people decided on their own (this is not by design) that having children was not for them, so we have to import you all here to work in our country.

We need people to live in our houses once our people are all gone.

We need people to drive our cars in our roads, and to work the jobs we had.

Also to pay our pensions before we die. Don’t forget that one. That one is very much very very important.

Without browns replacing her people, America will not survive.


These are the faces of the upcoming Americanos.

Los Americanos del futuro van a hablar espanol. Usted deberia hablar un poco de espanol tambien.

Yeah, they look like lettuce-picking goblins, but that’s because they’ve been stepping on THEIR soil their entire lives. Once they set foot on YOUR soil, they’ll become you. I mean, they’ll turn into factory workers and pension-payers, just like you.

The prosperity of the goblins is the prosperity of America.

It’s just that you’re not part of that America.

Nothing personal. It’s just business.


lol just kidding the Jews really want you dead. The economy is just the scapegoat.

Never forget that you, your family, and your people are all that matters.

The retarded economy can go fuck itself.

As long as we’re here and we’re a people, we can unfuck it or create a better system.