New Caravan Crosses First Border: “Migration From Honduras Will Not Stop”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 17, 2019

The horde is on the move and already reached its first milestone.


The latest caravan of Honduran migrants hoping to reach the U.S. has crossed peacefully into Guatemala, under the watchful eyes of about 200 Guatemalan police and soldiers.

About 500 people, including dozens of children, lined up to show their documents to a first line of unarmed security personnel at the Agua Caliente border crossing Tuesday night. Riot police formed a second line to contain any possible disturbance.

After the attacks on the U.S. border, journalists feel the need to point out that the goblins are — at least for the time being — behaving.

It’s politically incorrect to stop invading armies from reaching your defenseless borders. Human rights and other such gibberish are getting in the way of common sense.

Did we mention there’s children??? It’s totes not an invading army!

Edilberto Hernandez, a former police officer, stood with his wife and four children to cross into Guatemala. After losing his job, he could find only low-paid construction work, and he decided to travel with his whole family to the United States.

We are going out of necessity, because of the poverty,” Hernandez said.

Caravan goblins are sometimes refugees fleeing gangs, sometimes politically persecuted minds, and sometimes straight-up economic migrants. They attack American minds from all those angles to overload empathy pathways.

The truth is that it doesn’t really matter why these caravaneers are coming. Fleeing gangs, fleeing political persecution, fleeing poverty, it’s all the same. It doesn’t make a difference because no reason they could ever offer would make any of them escaping the problems they’ve created our problem.

It just doesn’t matter.

We’re not the world’s nanny. Despite a Jewish poem at the base of the Statue of Liberty indicating that we are.

I don’t care why they think they’re entitled to enter our home. They’re not.

But your home is better than theirs!” is what all these reasons focusing on caravan goblin’s perspective boil down to. There’s never a real argument about why letting them into America is good for Americans, because there’s none to be made. These are “people” escaping their own homogeneous countries. They are escaping themselves.

“Poverty” allows Hondurans to be obese and to own and use smartphones.

About 6,000 Central Americans reached Tijuana in November amid conflict on both sides of the border over their presence in this Mexican city across from San Diego. As of Monday, fewer than 700 migrants remained at a former outdoor concert venue in Tijuana that the Mexican government set up as a shelter to house the immigrants.

Where have they all gone?

The U.S. Border Patrol has made about 2,600 caravan-related arrests in its San Diego sector, spokesman Theron Francisco said, indicating that nearly half have crossed into the U.S. illegally. Families are typically released with a notice to appear in immigration court.

Mexican officials say about 1,300 caravan members have returned to Central America. Mexico has issued humanitarian visas to about 2,900 others, many of whom are now working legally there with visas.

Don’t think for a moment that the current border fences and other idiotic pacifiers shoved into the mouths of Americans like the whole “asylum claim” circus are doing anything to stop the enemy from getting in. They’re not. The enemy is getting in.

They are indeed the enemy. We have to stop thinking “enemy” in terms of physical threat or immediate danger, or even short-term danger. We have to start looking at the big picture. This is our home, and our family is told to make room for animals that can mimic some of the noises we make with our mouths. It’s insane.

These caravan soldiers want the jobs America has available, the safety America has achieved, the social aid of the American people, and pretty much everything Americans have. But they can’t have it. American stuff is for Americans.

Diaz, a 44-year-old former construction worker who fled for economic reasons and to escape violence, said he had hoped to reach the United States to make enough money to support his wife and five children in El Salvador but Mexico was better than going home.

If Mexico deports me today, I will be in Mexico again tomorrow,” Diaz said Monday amid sporadic rain at the shelter. “If I can go to the United States, better.

They think this is some kind of game. It isn’t. But if we keep playing, they’ll keep thinking it is a game. We have to get serious.

Bartolo Fuentes, a migrant advocate accompanying the new caravan, said Tuesday that migration from Honduras will not stop until those chronic problems are resolved.

People leave every day,” he said. “Every day 300, 400 people go. The caravan has been like a constant river of people to Mexico, to the United States.

The “chronic problems” of Honduras will never be solved because the problem is Hondurans themselves.

It’s not the land, it’s the people in it. It’s not the system, it’s the people running it.

It’s always about the people.