New Call of Duty® Game® is Pure® ZOG Propaganda® – Russian Gas Attacks®, White Helmets®, The Whole Deal

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 31, 2019

The new Call of Duty game is apparently titled “Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare®” – pretty sure there is already a game called that, but without the trademark logos shoved into the actual title, and I’m also not sure how they trademarked “call of duty” and “modern warfare.” It’s a weird flex. But okay.

The trailer was released this week, and the game looks incredibly real. I have never seen a game that looked this good.

The game’s story, however, is not so real. In fact, it appears that the game takes place in a clownpilled anti-reality.


According to early media previews, the new first-person shooter will take place in the fictional Middle Eastern country Urzikstan and will be inspired by the Kurdish YPG’s fight against so-called Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) in the Syrian civil war. So far, so good? Not quite.

Having previously sided with terrorists to indiscriminately execute civilians in a false flag attack at Moscow airport earlier in the franchise players can now take up arms alongside Western-backed, alleged Al-Qaeda affiliates the White Helmets.

“There’s this whole other side of war today that is real, that’s happening, and to ignore it or not cover it felt like it would be a terrible, terrible omission,” game writer Taylor Kurosaki told the LA Times. “It wouldn’t be doing justice to the unintended victims in these wars and the unsung heroes of these wars.”

In this case unsung heroes are dodgy “aid workers” with a chequered past, shadowy backers and extremist friends.

The designers reportedly name-checked both the ‘Last Men in Aleppo’ and the Academy Award-winning ‘White Helmets’ documentaries at a preview of the game at Infinity Ward’s Los Angeles headquarters recently.

The White Helmets feature twice in the game’s trailer: firstly, when they come under attack from presumably Russian aircraft while they are among civilians in a town square and secondly, when they are helping an injured civilian on a stretcher.

Meanwhile, according to media reports, players will assume the role of Farah Karim, a Middle Eastern woman with a traumatic past who has been fighting her whole life. However, her origin story pushes the boundaries of the grotesque and the obscene.

I don’t have to know the origin story of a female video game soldier to know that she is grotesque and obscene.

We’ve been through all of this. No one fucking wants women in video games, other than as big-tiddie sluts. But the companies have made the decision to do it anyway, because free market capitalism means that all major video games companies are controlled by the same kikes and you don’t have any choice.

But go ahead.

Tell me her origin story.

In one flashback mission we learn that Karim’s home town was destroyed by evil, apparently Russian, drone strikes. Rescuers attempt to free our protagonist from the rubble using power tools and eventually succeed before the merciless baddies (Russians) proceed to airstrike the same location a second time.

The little girl and her father flee the carnage but a truckload of Russian soldiers then arrive on scene and begin indiscriminately firing at everyone in sight while using nerve gas. Seriously. Audible screams of women and children are heard over the din of gunfire and explosions as our protagonist flees with her father to find her brother.

For some reason, upon reuniting with their hitherto missing brother/son, the family decides that the little girl is impervious to whatever nerve agent is swirling around the area and the father hands his son a gas mask (#Patriarchy).

Yeah, no – that’s normal now. Every female character has unexplained magical abilities to do everything.

Being immune to poison gas for no reason is par for the course here.

No sooner are the family ready to leave than the Russians begin checking the area door-to-door. The father and a Russian soldier engage in fierce hand-to-hand combat, with the little boy also trying to intervene, but alas, the Russian is too strong. The soldier executes father, knocks brother out, and chases the  little girl around the house, with her stabbing him repeatedly with a screwdriver.

Tired of maiming with a screwdriver, the little girl decides to take the dastardly Russian’s AK47 and shoot him repeatedly.

The kids then happen upon a group of Russian soldiers gleefully executing civilians in the street. More scenes of war crimes permeate the heavy fog of nerve agent that lingers in the air, which makes complete sense. The children eventually make a convoluted getaway as the screen fades to black.

Yes, beating up men is also standard fare. As is being sadistic and being framed as a hero for being sadistic.

The “magic woman” trope is now officially stupider than the “black science genius” trope.

All of this shit is retarded.

You’d think they’d leave that sort of shit out of a game like this, because they know absolutely fucking everyone hates it, and the main goal of this game is to prep teenage boys to go fight a war with Russia.

But I guess the thing about Jews is that they cannot resist kiking the goyim as much as is physically possible, so they have to shove their lunatic feminist gibberish into their “Dying for ZOG Simulator 2019” video game.

I guess that’s just another sign that the Jews are kiking so hard that they’re losing control of their own kikery.

Which is good news.

But this game will be as popular as all the other CoD games, even with idiotic magic woman bullshit. Because normies literally believe it is the best FPS game.