Bill Clinton’s Monica Calls were Tapped by Jews and Used as Blackmail, Ken Starr Covered It Up and is Now Epstein’s Lawyer

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 1, 2015

I still don't get this.  Fattest, ugliest Jewess.  Why?
I still don’t get this. Fattest, ugliest Jewess. Why?

In 1999, it was claimed in a book on the Lewinsky affair that Bill Clinton’s phone was tapped by the Jews and that they used his sex-talks with Monica Lewinsky – who, coincidentally, was Jewish – to blackmail him.

The book went on to allege that Clinton called off the hunt for a Jew mole inside the White House under threat of having his secret love affair with the fat Jewess exposed to the world by the Mossad.

New York Post

The allegation appears in “Gideon’s Spies – The Secret History of the Mossad,” written by respected author Gordon Thomas and due out next week.

Asked for comment, White House spokesman P.J. Crowley replied, “The only thing I can possibly say is we’ll skip the book and wait for the movie.”

Israel has denied conducting spying operations in the United States.

But hints about the Mossad connection to Sexgate surfaced in evidence given to independent counsel Kenneth Starr last year.

Lewinsky testified under oath that after a session of heavy petting and oral sex in the White House, Clinton told her that a foreign embassy was tapping the two phone lines in her D.C. apartment.

She said Clinton advised her that if she was questioned about their phone-sex sessions she should claim that they knew their calls were being bugged – and were joking to make the phone-tappers look silly.

Starr did not pursue the matter, as far as the public record shows, and Lewinsky apparently accepted Clinton’s story without asking for details.

For anyone keeping score, Ken Starr is married to a Jew.

Ken Starr, Jew and chief investigator of Clinton.
Ken Starr, Jew-married and chief investigator of Clinton’s sex scandal with a Jewess which was recorded by the Jew Mossad.

But a coincidence, I assure you goyim.


But author Thomas says Danny Yatom, Mossad inspector general, succeeded in tapping Lewinsky’s phone and amassed some 30 hours of sexually explicit conversations between the president and Lewinsky.

Thomas says Tel Aviv used the tapes to stop the probe of an operative code-named “MEGA,” who was, and could still be, deep within the White House.

“So far as anyone knows, the Israeli agent MEGA – a much more important spy than the imprisoned CIA traitor Jonathan Pollard, and probably his controller – is still in place at the White House,” Thomas said last night from London.

“There was a flurry of high-profile counterintelligence activity which lasted as long as the bioleverage” – that is, blackmail – “took to work.”

His book – which coincidentally is published by St. Martin’s Press, like Andrew Morton’s “Monica’s Story” – claims the decision to use the Lewinsky tapes reaches high levels in Israel.

Israel’s Committee for Central Intelligence, meeting in emergency session, decided to play dirty by exploiting Monica’s steamy chats as a way of protecting their White House “asset,” Thomas said.

“FBI counterintelligence, which had also been taping Monica’s calls, got the message and decided to go back off,” the Welsh-born author claims.

Verifying Thomas’ account is difficult because spy agencies almost never comment on their activities or anything anyone writes about them.

It’s been reported that the Justice Department and FBI launched an investigation last year for a suspected mole, code-named “MEGA,” based on undisclosed evidence that an Israeli spy had penetrated the White House.

Israel heatedly denied a mole existed, saying it had ended such spying with the arrest of Pollard more than a decade ago.

This is, of course, the microcosm of how Jews control the entire political world – by blackmailing people over sex scandals.

In this particular case, we now know that Clinton was already apparently in a position to be blackmailed by a completely different Jew, Jeffrey Epstein, who he was flying around with having sex with underage sex slaves.

With Jews, You Lose!
With Jews, You Lose!

And now, the Jew-married Ken Starr who did not investigate the foreign powers (Jewistan) involved in Blowjobgate returned a decade later to negotiate for Clinton’s alleged orgy-buddy!

Daily Beast:

Many believe Jeffrey Epstein could have been jailed for life for violating scores of underage girls, but Ken Starr and the rest of his legal team got him a deal.

It was supposed to be a probe into the first family’s finances. But when independent counsel Judge Ken Starr mounted an investigation into the Clintons’ real-estate deals, the “Whitewater” probe took a peep-show turn. Starr and his team began to obsess over every lurid detail of Bill Clinton’s philandering, issuing a 473-page report that was a catalog of misuse of funds but mostly torrid sexcapades in the White House and the president accused of committing perjury to cover it up.

The Starr Report came out in 1998. And all of this would be history, if it weren’t for the fact that Starr, the legendary moral ninny now serving as the chancellor at Baylor University, was handpicked nearly a decade later to negotiate a sweetheart plea deal with state and federal prosecutors for billionaire pederast and Clinton crony Jeffrey Epstein.

On Wednesday, some of Epstein’s lawyers were back in court, arguing that the negotiations over that deal must remain secret.

“I had given [Epstein] a list of lawyers I worked with in the past that had been exceptionally able and Jeffrey picked from the list,” Alan Dershowitz, the world-famous criminal attorney and Harvard professor, told The Daily Beast. He also worked on Epstein’s behalf. “Starr had experience in investigating sex investigations,” Dershowitz said. “He had experience as the solicitor general and as a judge. He had all the bases covered.”

The acquisition proved to be a panacea. In 2006, Jeffrey Epstein was hauled in by Palm Beach police for violating scores of underage girls for years and was facing federal charges for trafficking them across state lines. He was formally sentenced to 18 months prison, but only served 13 of them and was allowed to travel between his various mansions frequently. He was also forced to register as a sex offender.

Dershowitz gave yet another interview for that article.  Worth reading the whole thing.

House of cards.  Coming down now.
House of cards. Coming down now.

See how all of this sneaky Jewing and pervert business all ties together, wrapping back in on itself?

Now do you see how the whole thing is about to start crashing down?

Correction: The original article stated that the book was new, it was in fact published in 1999.  Shows the work of the memory hole, huh?