New Bond Trailer Looks Awesome – Except for the Black Bitch!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 4, 2019

The trailer for the new James Bond film, “No Time to Die,” was released today.

It actually looks fantastic. Which isn’t surprising, because the Daniel Craig Bond films have been among the most entertaining films of the last decade.

However, a large part of what allowed us to enjoy the cinematic glory of these films was the lack of politics. But that’s over.

Now, we have a black bitch, who has magic type powers – like Rey, or Captain Marvel, or Michael Burnham.

She’s a real beauty too, let me tell you what.


It’s like I always say: if black people don’t want to be compared to gorillas all the time, then they should stop looking like gorillas.

What’s more, we already know that this is Craig’s last 007 film, and that after this, he will be replaced by this black bitch. She isn’t going to be called “Jamie Bond,” as had been suggested by literally hundreds of blue-checked Twitter accounts – but she will be taking on the 007 number, when Bond either dies or retires at the end of this film.

Again, there is no demand for this. Everyone other than an astroturf Twitter mob is fine with James Bond being a masculine white guy who does car chases and gun fights across the world in action-packed 3-hour extravaganzas.

The issue is that the Jews are obsessed with forcing social engineering down our throats with these blockbuster films.

This new Bond film parallels what I wrote about on Tuesday in reference to the upcoming Black Widow film with regards to the way this agenda is being implemented. They are giving you a big, high quality film, with all of the exotic locations, all of the cars, all of the gun fights, beautifully executed, and then saying “now it’s time for your diversity enema, goy.”

They are transitioning us from what we want to what we do not want in as painless a manner as possible.

At least it appears that James won’t be having sex with the black bitch. The “Bond Girl” is played by that pretty girl from Blade Runner 2049.

She’s actually Cuban. But she’s all made up like a Russian in this film.

But please, I just want you to understand this: the next 007 film following this one is going to feature a black woman effectively playing James Bond.

And they are going to do it in the most humiliating way possible, where Daniel Craig – who is one of the last truly masculine figures in cinema, even if he’s a relatively boring actor – praises this black bitch and says that she’s the one who deserves to take his place.

Because real men surrender their legacy to gorillalike negresses, goy.


For decades, 007 has been the most iconic codename in spy movie history, and now, it looks like the mantle is being passed from James Bond to a new super spy. On Wednesday, December 4, the first look at the 25th James Bond movie was released, and the trailer for No Time To Die introduces a female 007 for the first time, played by Captain Marvel star Lashana Lynch. And unlike most of the female characters in the Bond franchise, she’s not exactly charmed by the legendary spy, played by Daniel Craig.

According to the official synopsis of No Time To Die, Bond decided to leave active service after the events of Spectre and has been living a “tranquil life” in Jamaica. However, when his friend, Felix Leiter (Jeffrey Wright) asks him to help rescue a kidnapped scientist, Bond finds himself facing a new villain, played by a shadowy Rami Malek. Along the way, he teams up with Lynch’s Nomi, a new 007 who isn’t impressed by Bond, warning him that “the world has moved on” since he’s left the service.

“Stay in your lane,” Nomi warns in the clip, while the trailer shows her behind the wheel of a fast car, taking down bad guys and going undercover in a slinky gown. “You get in my way, I will put a bullet in your knee — the one that works.” Clearly, the 007 title is in good hands with Nomi.



They are taking away all of your Marvel films, replacing everyone with women and blacks.

They made the ostensible “spiritual sequel” to Fallout: New Vegas a fully brown lesbian adventure.

In less than a decade, there simply won’t be anything left featuring white men or any form of traditional masculinity in any form of entertainment media. And this is an agenda to get you ready for being physically replaced in real life – even more than you already have been.

The Negress 007 is a hateful Jewish threat to the goyim.

We’re in for a rough ride in the coming years, brothers.

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