New Beach Boys: Six and Two Year Old Dead on Turkish Shore

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 17, 2015

Beach Boys used to be blond and full of energy. Now they're brown and lifeless.
Beach Boys used to be blond and full of energy. Now they’re brown and lifeless.
Your beach used to be fun and sexy. It isn't any more.
Your beach used to be fun and sexy. It isn’t any more.

Surf’s up!


Two Iraqi children, aged six and two, have been found dead in the Aegean Sea off the Turkish resort of Cesme while trying to reach EU member Greece, the Dogan news agency reported on Wednesday.

The corpses of the two children were found floating in the sea by local fishermen who then handed them over to the local Izmir region coastguard, it added.

Turkish media reports said the two had been among 200 migrants seeking to reach Greece by crossing the Aegean, all of whom had otherwise been rescued.

Some 650,000 migrants, often from Iraq and Syria, have tried to cross the Aegean Sea this year in search of better lives in the European Union. But an estimated 500, including many children, have died in the often perilous crossing.

That’s 1 in 1300.

These are pretty good odds, one would think.

But I don’t know how bad the camps in Turkey these people are fleeing actually are. They don’t look that bad.

KILIS, TURKEY - JANUARY 22: A view of the Oncupinar Container city including social facilities, school, vocational courses, health services and sport centers where nearly 14,000 Syrian refugees taking shelter in Turkey live, Kilis, January 22, 2014. More than 100,000 people have been killed in the three-year-old conflict in Syria and over two million Syrians are now registered as refugees in neighboring countries, Turkey, Lebanon and Iraq, according to the UN. (Photo by Atilgan Ozdil/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images)


But the Jewish media will never acknowledge the obvious fact that these people are coming from Turkey, meaning they are not fleeing a war. They just keep chanting, along with the politicians, that they are fleeing a warzone.

This is like if someone’s house is on fire and they run across to the other side of town and kick in your front door, starting eating all of your food and raping your wife, then say “I am fleeing a fire.”

Where’s the Media Storm?

When the original Beach Boy, Alain Kurdi, was photographed taking a permanent nap on a Turkish beach, the entire landscape of the globe was changed. The picture was everywhere, and it ultimately led to Merkel telling every Moslem in the world to make the same journey Kurdi died on (which was a very weird response to the picture).

We were told that we were all responsible for the personal decision of this boy’s father to smuggle him from Turkey (where the family was living normally on over $1000 a month).

1441404376480Moroccan-tribute-to-Aylan-Ku rdiSeptember 9, 2015

The narrative quickly collapsed when it was revealed that the father was coming to the EU to get free dental work. It was also revealed that he was the captain of the smuggling ship. But the media storm had been so severe that at that point it didn’t matter. Damage was done.

However, these dead boys are not even a top headline. Other kids have drown since Kurdi as well, and not gained serious media coverage.

Maybe it’s because there are no tear-jerking pictures.

Never forget.
Never forget.