New Ayatollah Meghan McCain Calls Moscow “City of Satan”

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 4, 2019

Meghan McCain is sad that her father is burning in Hell and is starting to lash out at Russia – like her late father would have wanted. Russia-bashing is nothing new. But the language that Meghan used definitely is. I thought the McCains wanted to bomb the Iranians, not adopt their style.

She’s talking like an Imam on the Memri channel.

Except about Russia.


Meghan McCain has found a new, xenophobia-laced way to debase Russia and its people, thoughtfully describing Moscow as the “city of Satan.” Like father, like daughter?

If any Russian city is the city of Satan, it is St. Petersburg because it was built on a swamp, caused lots of deaths during its construction and is filled to the brim with Masonic symbology.

But Meghan didn’t even consider this possibility. Nor did she consider London, LA or Tel Aviv.

Furthermore, who died and made her head priest?

In keeping with family tradition, the daughter of late Senator John McCain and co-host of The View recently took to the airwaves to express her disdain for Russia. Speaking to US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman and his wife Mary Kaye via live satellite feed, McCain used Biblical language to help accentuate her apparent disgust for the country.

“John and Mary Kaye are doing the Lord’s work in the city of Satan. Thank you so much for your service to our country, that’s a rough job,” she said to the envoy and his wife before ending the segment.

God will strike you down with diabeetus, Meghan, you mark my words.

Remember when she gave that speech about her dead father, but inadvertently revealed that she was either a hunchback or had a tumor herself?

I ‘member.

Is this why she has suddenly started talking in Biblical terms?

Does she feel that her diabeetus is acting up and that the cancer incurred from being a lifelong shill is catching up with her?

It sure would explain a lot.