New Attempt to Stump Trump: Lying About His Poll Numbers

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 28, 2015

"The reports of my poll numbers dropping have been greatly exaggerated."
“The reports of my poll numbers dropping have been greatly exaggerated.”

The newest attempt by the Jews to Stump the Trump is to just openly lie about his poll numbers, and claim that Magic Negro is about to surpass him.

Over the last couple days, this has been the big meme.

The Hill:

“The reality is that he does have a hold on some people and he doesn’t appear to be surrendering it,” said Mark Mellman, a veteran Democratic pollster who is also a columnist for The Hill.

Much of the negative media attention has been built around a single poll in the immediate aftermath of the debate, by CNN/ORC.

The survey showed the businessman’s support among Republican voters nationwide had declined by 8 percentage points since the last survey from the same source, less than two weeks before.

That was a sizable decline, to be sure — even though Trump still led his closest rival by 9 percentage points. But no other reputable poll since the debate has shown Trump falling by anything like that margin.

A survey from Fox News released earlier this week showed the businessman at 26 percent support nationally, an increase of 1 point since Fox’s last survey in mid-August. A Bloomberg poll gave him 21 percent — good enough for a 5-point lead over the field and an unchanged rating since the last poll from the financial news outlet at the beginning of August.

The picture is not substantially different in the crucial early states — and, in some cases, it is even better for Trump.

The Democratic-leaning firm Public Policy Polling (PPP) released a new survey from Iowa this week in which Trump polled at 24 percent — a 5-point rise over his showing in PPP’s previous poll of the Hawkeye State in the immediate aftermath of the first GOP debate on Aug. 6.

Trump’s support could collapse eventually — as is the case with any other candidate — but there is precious little evidence that his supporters are deserting him.

The national polling that has come out this week has been mixed,” said PPP director Tom Jensen. “But it’s not something where I would buy into a narrative of Trump declining, unless that was the narrative I wanted. I think, in some quarters, the media people are getting bored [with Trump’s strength] and are ready to write a different story.

The candidate shares that view quite emphatically. In TV interviews and on his Twitter account throughout this week, he has inveighed against media coverage that he believes is unfair in general and, in particular, is highlighting the most negative polls for him and ignoring the rest.

The actual fact is that the majority of the polls show that Trump has lost no ground whatsoever.

The fact is, the amount of candidates considered serious is dropping, and some have already dropped out, so of course certain competitors of Trump’s are getting bigger shares in polls.

But that is really all that is happening.

And does anyone really think that the Magic Negro is going to get the nomination?

The Jew media has just tried everything to attack Trump and stop his popularity, so now they have decided “well, let’s just start saying he isn’t really as popular as he actually is.”

They all just decided to start saying this at once, even though it is obviously not true.

It’s almost as if these Jewish media bosses are coordinating a massive ethnic activist campaign against Trump. They do this right after the Jews of South Park show him getting anally-raped to death, by the way.

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