New Analysis Disproves Russian Hacking Hoax Narrative

Daily Stormer
July 10, 2017

Maybe Russia physically broke into the DNC to steal the documents? It could happen!

As the mainstream media is giving the Russian hacking narrative one last, desperate push, its credibility is being undermined from all sides.

One of this hoax’s main pimp, CNN, has been scientifically determined to be fake news. And by “scientifically,” I really mean that we memed it into reality by altering the fabric of space-time.

Case closed.

Because of O’Keefe’s Project Veritas, CNN executives have been recorded admitting that the Russian hacking message was without foundation.

Additionally, Donald Trump recently reminded everybody of the fact that the DNC refused to let any intelligence agency examine the servers which were supposedly “hacked.”

To top it off, the common talking point that “17 intelligence agencies” agreed with the assessment that Russia “hacked the election” was recently admitted to be a bold-faced lie.

Well, if the Jews and their shills thought this was the end of their troubles, they were wrong.

Zero Hedge:

New meta-analysis has emerged from a document published today by an independent researcher known as The Forensicator, which suggests that files eventually published by the Guccifer 2.0 persona were likely initially downloaded by a person with physical access to a computer possibly connected to the internal DNC network. The individual most likely used a USB drive to copy the information. The groundbreaking new analysis irrevocably destroys the Russian hacking narrative, and calls the actions of Crowdstrike and the DNC into question.

The document supplied to Disobedient Media via Adam Carter was authored by an individual known as The Forensicator. The full document referenced here has been published on their blog. Their analysis indicates the data was almost certainly not accessed initially by a remote hacker, much less one in Russia. If true, this analysis obliterates the Russian hacking narrative completely.

O B L I T E R A T E D.

The Forensicator specifically discusses the data that was eventually published by Guccifer 2.0 under the title “NGP-VAN.” This should not be confused with the separate publication of the DNC emails by Wikileaks. This article focuses solely on evidence stemming from the files published by Guccifer 2.0, which were previously discussed in depth by Adam Carter.

Disobedient Media previously reported that Crowdstrike is the only group that has directly analyzed the DNC servers. Other groups including Threat Connect have used the information provided by Crowdstrike to claim that Russians hacked the DNC. However, their evaluation was based solely on information ultimately provided by Crowdstrike; this places the company in the unique position of being the only direct source of evidence that a hack occurred.

If this new evidence is widely picked up, I suspect that the DNC may have no choice but to let their servers be examined at last. Otherwise, it would be like admitting that they hoaxed the whole thing.

I’m not enough of a expert to judge if the analysis is accurate or not, but the basic methodology seems to be sound. “The Forensicator” uses the timing accuracy of the file copying metadata to determine the time zone, file system, operating system and other details of how the files were originally acquired.

1337 haxorz did the DNC hack… by copying the files on a USB disk.

The conclusion of all this is that the files were copied locally, probably from the DNC offices themselves, rather than being remotely hacked from Russia (or wherever else). This is a complete confirmation of how Julian Assange claims he acquired the files (leaked from a DNC insider), and a complete destruction of the Russian hacking narrative.