New Amazon Series About Nazis Winning WWII

William Martel
Daily Stormer
July 31, 2015

PKD wrote a lot of good books. This was not one of them.
PKD wrote a lot of good books. This was not one of them.

Ridely Scott, a movie producer, is coming out with a series called, “The Man in the High Castle,” which is based on 1962 novel by Phillip K. Dick that is about how things would have turned out if the Axis had won the war.

I believe this series will be similar to the 1994 film, “Fatherland,” based a novel written by Robert Harris, where the Germans had won the war and concealed the fact they exterminated 60000 bazillion Jews from the rest of the world.

In “Fatherland,” things were going so well for the Germans that even Hitler was in the film; celebrating his 75th birthday and almost making a deal with the American president, Joseph Kennedy, to work together to crush the Soviets once and for all. Sadly, all of that fell apart after someone found out about the LOLOcaust and told Kennedy just as he met Hitler to discuss their alliance. Kennedy bailed and the whole world found out how evil the Germans were.

Now I’m not a psyhic, but after seeing this trailer below, I can assure you, “The Man in the High Castle,” its going to end the same way. Towards the end of the trailer, you will see that an Asian woman gives a white woman (a main character I’d assume) a film reel which she tells her is “a way out.” It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that this reel contains footage of the lampshade camps, which is made more obvious when she is shown sitting there watching in shock as Jews were turned into soap and lampshades right before her eyes.

Without even needing to watch the series, I know this damning evidence will be used to get people to fight against the evil Axis occupation, and tell the world how evil the Nazis were. So in both movies, the hoax is the ultimate truth to free everyone from Axis slavery, and that’s because The Hoax will set you free.

These Jews are so predictable. No matter how much of an alternative history they claim they will show us, it will always, in some way, solidify their hoax narrative.

Sadly, many goyim will buy into this nonsense you are about to watch below, but I am happy to see that Dennis Wise’s film has gotten amazing reviews on IMDB and is still spreading like wildfire; despite it being banned in certain countries and Jews crying 6 trillion tears over it.