New AI App Removes Women’s Makeup, Thots on Suicide Watch

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
November 16, 2017

The consequences will never be the same

“I felt a great disturbance on Tinder, as if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror, and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened.”

Something great has happened. The Death Star of male ingenuity has completely destroyed the Alderaan of female deception, to the great anguish of the skank masses.

For decades, nay, centuries now, women have been artifically enhancing their beauty in order to bolster their confidence and social status, using the natural weakness of man (his attraction to beautiful women) in order to scheme their way into dominance.

But one shitlord just came up with an innovation that reduces all their plans to nothing.

“Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!”” -Women

The Independent:

A new app claims it will digitally remove makeup from a woman’s face, revealing what they would look like without it.

MakeApp’s marquee feature enables you to “add or remove makeup from any face” and can work “its magic” on photos and videos using AI.

Oh, AI.

You never disappoint.

Our robot overlords can’t come quick enough.

We knew robots would school Negroes and gas kikes. But it turns out they’ll also patrol thots.

The app has polarised opinions online, with many users claiming that the filter made them look worse than they normally would without makeup.

It is free to use for the first five photos and charges $0.99 (75p) for further use.

However, upon testing it, some women have noticed a crucial flaw in the app’s technology.

Rather than simply showing a face without makeup, MakeApp generates a pseudo-barefaced look that actually adds imperfections that weren’t necessarily there in the first place.

Where most beauty apps will offer users a range of image-enhancing filters that are designed to make you look better, MakeApp does the exact opposite by imposing redness and dullness.

“Redness and dullness” are exactly what women are trying to cover up with makeup. Why the hell would they butter up their face with disgusting pastes and powder if it was all rainbow and sunshine underneath?

Rather than making women look natural, it just makes them look haggard and sallow.

That’s right. Here’s some examples, courtesy of our friends at The Right Stuff:

Oh, euhh, I’m not feeling so good…

Some have experimented with the app to startling, and revealing results.

Really makes you think.

But this app, unlike what these neurotic skanks are claiming, doesn’t just make everyone look saggy and ugly.

Men, who don’t wear makeup, and genuinely pretty girls come out just fine.

The app does just what it says on the tin: removes make up to reveal women’s horrible gremlin faces.

Vexed users have taken to Twitter to voice their concerns that the app will exacerbate insecurities and low self-esteem.

“#MakeApp is a plot to make men think all women are ugly,” wrote one person.


“So there’s an app called MakeApp that removes the makeup in pictures so people can ‘see what you really look like’ and ofc its a fail,” added another.

Some explained that they simply didn’t understand why a man or woman would want to digitally remove a woman’s makeup.

“Men who have actual relationships with women usually know this because they see us without makeup and even naked sometimes,” wrote one Tweeter.

Oh, I can guarantee you, they do understand why people would want to see them without makeup. That’s exactly why they’re panicking. They understand that without their fake mask of beauty and desirability, they bottomless well of male attention and male resources is going to dry up.

Which is why they’re resorting to the reflexive female response to male rejection: calling us virgin losers.

They also tried to shame the creator of the app, which backfired hilariously:

Actually, I’m pretty sure he doesn’t care, you dumb skank. He looks almost exactly the same.

One tweeter claims to have dug up an old forum post written by the writer of the app, though doesn’t provide any evidence. In any case, if true, that would be very funny.

Whoever wrote that post is a top level shitlord and a prophet of White Sharia.

We’ve won the first decisive victory against the forces of thot-ness, my brothers.

But this is only the first battle. There’s still much more work to be done.

We need to embed similar AI programs in browsers, in video players, in dating apps… Until the only place you can see women wearing their hideous makeup is irl, where it’s much harder to hide with lightning and other fakery.

This isn’t merely about patrolling individual thots. We’re patrolling the Platonic ideal of thot-ness.

Deus Vult.