#NeverTrump Endorsed Candidates Build on Losing Streak in Tennessee

Hunter Wallace
Occidental Dissent
August 5, 2016


I bet they thought no one was watching tonight.

I keep a close eye on the #NeverTrump crowd. I read their websites. I follow them very closely on Twitter. In particular, I make a note of who they are supporting in elections, and they were all excited tonight about some races in Tennessee.

1.) Remember this guy?

The guy in the photo above. We thought at the time that Hunter Baker was the ultimate example of Cuckface. Erick Erickson endorsed him on The Resurgent. Leon Wolf endorsed him on RedState. Rod Dreher endorsed him on The American Conservative. Ian Tuttle of National Review wrote a puff piece for his run for Congress. At The Federalist, he stood in front of the Trump Train and supported Ted Cruz.

The founder of #NeverTrump urges his supporters to vote for Hunter Baker:

I don’t know much about Hunter Baker. From what I have read, I even agree with him on his signature issue of religious liberty, but he was strongly endorsed by the #NeverTrump crowd and he is getting less than 2% of the vote in TN-08.


2.) Next up, this Cuckface weirdo.

Grant Starrett, a former Mitt Romney aide, challenged Rep. Scott DesJarlais in #TN-04. Erick Erickson endorsed him on Twitter. RedState endorsed him and called for DesJarlais to be primaried for endorsing Trump. Mark Levin endorsed him. The Federalist interviewed him. Opportunity Lives endorsed him.

Cuck David French, who flirted with running as the independent #NeverTrump presidential candidate endorsed Grant Starrett, called him a “stalwart conservative,” and wrote a big article in National Review calling for DesJarlais’s defeat:

“Tennessee’s fourth congressional district is a big, sprawling region that dominates the south-central portion of the state. Reaching as far north as Smyrna (near Nashville), it encompasses Murfreesboro, Shelbyville, parts of Columbia, and the mountainous regions near Chattanooga. It’s rural, it’s beautiful, it’s religious, and it’s extremely conservative. In other words, it just might be one of the safest Republican seats in the South. It’s the perfect home for a principled conservative, someone who can use a secure seat to build a base of power and influence in Washington — perfect for someone who can actually lead. Instead, district voters are represented by arguably the worst man in Congress, Scott DesJarlais. …

And survive he does. Last cycle he squeaked past a primary challenge from Tennessee state senator Jim Tracey by a mere 38 votes, winning 44.9 percent of the vote in a multi-candidate race. This cycle, lawyer Grant Starrett is challenging DesJarlais. I know Starrett. I met him when he worked with Mitt Romney in 2012 and again when he was a conservative activist at Vanderbilt Law School. He’s a conservative, he’s intelligent, he has far more political experience than most people twice his age, and — critically — he’s a person of energy and integrity. Conservatives from Mark Levin to Erick Erickson to National Review’s own Ramesh Ponnuru have lined up to argue that Starrett would be vast improvement over DesJarlais. …

Inertia and incumbency are not sufficient reasons to keep a man in Congress. My friends and neighbors (the line for the district begins exactly one mile south of my house) deserve to be represented by a politician with the potential to lead, a person who can, free from the cloud of hypocrisy, face down the president of Planned Parenthood. The voters can do better. They have a better choice. Cleaning Scott DesJarlais out of Congress would be an act of public hygiene. On August 4, please vote, and please send Mr. Starrett to Washington.”

Erick Erickson, Mark Levin, Jennifer Rubin and David French gave Grant Starrett the #NeverTrump kiss of political death. Scott DesJarlais endorsed Donald Trump early in the race and worked to bring other congressmen on board.

In 2014, DesJarlais won his primary by 38 votes, which gave #NeverTrump hope he could be defeated in tonight’s primary. As of right now, DesJarlais is beating Starrett by over 4,000 votes, 52% to 43%. What is responsible for this huge swing? Could it be the same thing that brought down Tim Huelskamp in Kansas?


Note: Grant Starrett, or “Mr. California” as Scott DesJarlais tagged him, is an effeminate trust fund brat who moved into TN-04 for he could run for Congress. He had all the key #NeverTrump endorsements and spent nearly a $1 million dollars on his campaign before losing tonight. The guy who lost by 38 votes last time in 2014 spent nothing. Sad!