#NeverRyan: Democrat Ryan Solen Is Better Than Paul Ryan

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 10, 2016

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The Daily Stormer has officially endorsed Ryan Solen who is Paul Ryan’s Democratic opponent in the November election:

“Someone named Ryan Solen won the Democratic primary in the district. I don’t have any idea who Ryan Solen is, but I, Andrew Anglin, am hereby officially endorsing Ryan Solen for Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

For non-Americans who might not know, this won’t make him Speaker of the House. He’ll just be a random Congressman. The Speaker of the House is chosen by the members of the House. So, if we still have a Republican majority in the House, they will choose a new Speaker.”

Here’s why Ryan Solen is the better choice:

1.) We know that Paul Ryan is nothing more than an Ayn Rand worshiping, open borders, globalist cuckservative and pawn of the donor class. If Hillary wins in November, she is counting on Paul Ryan to push TPP and amnesty through the House in 2017. We came close to getting amnesty several times and John Boehner, who isn’t an ideologue like Ryan, was the only force that stopped it. Paul Ryan is so awful on trade and immigration that we would be better off if Ryan lost in November and just about anyone else in the Republican conference was elected Speaker of the House.

2.) If Ryan lost in November, he wouldn’t come back to haunt us in the 2020 presidential election if Trump loses in November, so there is that benefit too.

3.) Take a look at Ryan Solen’s platform: infrastructure investment, no privatization of Social Security, term limits, simplifying the tax code, raising the minimum wage, balancing the budget, making college tuition more affordable, tariffs instead of free-trade, and a single payer healthcare system. That’s all he is running on.

Ryan Solen’s platform is far closer to Trump and Nehlen’s platform than Paul Ryan. He can’t possibly be any worse than Paul Ryan on immigration, free-trade, multiculturalism, Wall Street, refugee resettlement – “that’s not who we are” – and carrying water for big business and the donor class. No White working class voter in his right mind should vote for Paul Ryan given the potential threat he poses if Hillary is elected president.