#NeverRomney: Newt and Sean on Potential Mitt Romney Appointment

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 29, 2016

Sean Hannity had Newt Gingrich on last night to discuss, among other things, the potential appointment of the traitor Mitt Romney to a cabinet position in the Trump administration.

They are both against it. Kellyanne Conway – a top member of Trump’s team – has been vocally against it.

It is clear to me that it isn’t going to happen and was never going to happen. This is all part of the game. Trump is showing that those who attacked him are now coming to him with their heads down, begging for his approval.

Another part of the game is demonstrating to the people that he will listen to their will. He knew everyone would be angry at the prospect of a top position for the traitor Romney, so he floats the idea, lets people get angry, then says “oh okay, if you are all against it, we won’t do it then.”

I’ve been wrong in my predictions before (most notably when I was sure Sanders was going to get the VP nod – though to be fair, I made that prediction before the Hillary health stuff came out, and I do still think that would have given her a better chance at winning). So you know, no one really likes making predictions, because they can be wrong, and you end up looking well, wrong.

So let me say this, and give myself an out: I think there is less than a 10% chance Romney will be given any position in the Trump administration, and if he is, it will only be after a humiliating public apology.

What I will add here is that anyone – including Mitt Romney – would be better than the Zio-whackjob John Bolton. By the way – just for those interested – I had thought Bolton was a Jew and then I read he wasn’t, but the actual fact – at least what is admitted – is that he is 1/8th Jew. I would normally say that that shouldn’t have a serious effect on a person’s behavior, but in his case, it appears that it does.

John Bolton

Anyway, regardless of his ethnic make-up, and regardless of how shitlordy his mustache, he’s horrible. The last thing we need are neo-con crazies. The is the exact opposite of what we’re trying to do here.

But, both Rudy Giuliani (who is okay I guess, not ideal, but at least a loyalist and non-traitor) or that Hawaiian woman would be better than Romney.

Giuliani, however, has recently made some borderline anti-Russian statements, which may be disqualifying. It was looking like he was about to get the nod a couple weeks ago, then he said something like “Russia thinks they’re a superpower but they actually aren’t,” and implied some sort of bullying plan.


I can’t really see him getting along that well with Lavrov.

So he’s whatever.

The Hawaiian woman – Tulsi Gabbard is her real name, as weird as that is – is a staunch anti-war activist and a pro-Assad figure, and is in fact a liberal democrat. Although I am against women in politics, as well as against non-whites more generally, there are some pretty good strategic benefits to putting her in, which have been discussed here.


On the issue of her being non-White – she is a native of a territory that we conquered. So it isn’t like she doesn’t have a right to be in Hawaii. This is different than a Moslem or something. Still, I would obviously prefer the government be made-up of 100% White males, but that isn’t going to happen anyway – or rather, it isn’t going to happen YET – so it’s sort of whatever.

Newt Gingrich himself has been great over the last year, despite his past, so I wouldn’t necessarily be opposed to him either. He might actually be the best of the bunch. Though that isn’t on the table as of yet.