Nevermind the Explosions Goyim, Twitter Nazis are the Real Danger!

Daily Stormer
September 19, 2016

Thanks to thorough Jewish research, we know who is the real danger!

Yesterday we had three terror attacks in the USA. There was allahu akbarring aplenty, and ISIS took credit for all the stabbings, while Muslims celebrated the bombings.

But none of that matters, you silly goy.

Despite the fact that these attacks were 100% predictable and will now go on to become daily happenings, two weeks ago the Jews told us what we should really fear – and that is Twitter Nazis!

The Jerusalem Post:

Study: Neo-Nazis overtake ISIS on social media

White nationalists and self-identified Nazi sympathizers located mostly in the United States use Twitter with “relative impunity” and often have far more followers than militant Islamists, a study being released on Thursday found.

Eighteen prominent white nationalist accounts examined in the study, including the American Nazi Party, have seen a sharp increase in Twitter followers to a total of more than 25,000, up from about 3,500 in 2012, according to the study by George Washington University’s Program on Extremism that was seen by Reuters.

First of all, I am very skeptical about whatever methodology George Washington University’s research team used to define “self-identified Nazi sympathizers.”

18 accounts is a small sample. So what qualifies an account not included in the study as “Neo-Nazi?”

Does posting a link to The Greatest Story Never Told get you on the list? Is a timeline full of rare Pepes required? Does merely being a Trump supporter gain you access to this elite club of highly intelligent and good looking individuals?

The fact of the matter is, we are faced with rapidly intensifying Islamic terrorism in the West, and have been for some time. These problems are caused by the policies of international intervention and domestic multiculturalism, enabled by insanely retarded policies of non-White immigration but open borders for non-Whites. Real hardcore nationalism is the only cure.

What apparently worries these Jews is the fact that, at least on social media, we are winning!

The study’s findings contrast with declining influence on Twitter Inc’s service for Islamic State, also known as ISIS, amid crackdowns that have targeted the militant group, according to earlier research by report author J.M. Berger and the findings of other counter-extremism experts and government officials.

“White nationalists and Nazis outperformed ISIS in average friend and follower counts by a substantial margin,” the report said. “Nazis had a median follower count almost eight times greater than ISIS supporters, and a mean count more than 22 times greater.”

Of course we’re more popular! No one likes Muslims, not even other Muslims, so that is no surprise. They’re rude, they dress funny, they smell bad, they enjoy rape, and no matter where they are, things just seem to be constantly exploding!

While Twitter has waged an aggressive campaign to suspend Islamic State users – the company said in an August blog post it had shut down 360,000 accounts for threatening or promoting what it defined as terrorist acts since the middle of 2015 – Berger said in his report that “white nationalists and Nazis operate with relative impunity.”

That last bit should be setting off everyone’s bullshit detector. Since November 2014 I personally have been banned from Twitter 31 times. They even went so far as to ban my ip! As I write this, my current account is locked in a 12 hour suspension, even though I dindu nuffin!

Few, if any, of my buddies on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc., have not been banned at least a few times. And they’re neither calling for terror attacks, nor committing them.

So now that these crack Nazi counters claim to have identified the problem, surely there’s a solution, right?

Of course! Just pressure Twitter to ban all the people that the Jews don’t like!

Asked about the study, a Twitter spokesman referred to the company’s terms of service, which prohibit promoting terrorism, threatening abuse and “hateful conduct” such as attacking or threatening a person on the basis of race or ethnicity.

The company relies heavily on users to report terms of service violations.

The report comes as Twitter faces scrutiny of its content removal policies. It has long been under pressure to crack down on Islamist fighters and their supporters, and the problem of harassment gained renewed attention in July after actress Leslie Jones briefly quit Twitter in the face of abusive comments.

That’s always the way. “Shut it down” shall be the order of the day!

Sorry, but we’re not ragheads who recently crawled out of the stone age and are working constantly to bomb the world back into it. We’re too quick and too smart for these titans of censorship, and our voices will be heard. That’s what they fear. When an unashamed White man takes an informed, righteous stand for his race and nation, they can no longer claim the moral high ground. They know they are the ones promoting the rape of our women and children, and they know damned well that these attacks would not happen had we not allowed all this racial diversity into our formerly peaceful societies.

We are winning the Social Media Wars with shock and awe. Our ranks are swelling.

Soon we will get very tough IRL with these muzzrats. We are going to get tough and smart and vigilant! Glorious Leader said so!