Never Forget: The ADL Classifies “Globalist” as an Anti-Semitic Slur

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 1, 2018

I was reminded of one of my favorite things yesterday by the Jerusalem Post.

Talking about how Trump attacked the Koch Brothers as “globalists,” they called this an anti-Semitic slur, citing the ADL.

The Koch Brothers are not even Jewish, but they felt the need to bring this up and attack Trump over it, to explain that it is evil, because the Koch Brothers are very novel in that they are both globalists and not Jewish.

Jews are sure a weird group of rats – convicting themselves as they attempt to defend themselves.

Jerusalem Post:

US President Donald Trump used an antisemitic slur to attack Charles G. Koch and David H. Koch, sibling megadonors to the Republican party, in a post to Twitter Tuesday.

Trump has used the term “globalist” before. Trump called his former economic adviser Gary Cohn a “globalist” when he resigned from Trump’s administration in March of this year. Cohn is Jewish.

“He’s been terrific. He may be a globalist, but I still like him.” Trump said. “He is seriously a globalist. There’s no question. In his own way, but you know what, he’s a nationalist. He loves our country.”

The Anti-Defamation League defines “globalist” as an antisemitic slur.

“Although the term is not inherently antisemitic, ‘globalist’ is often used as a pejorative term for people whose interests in international commerce or finance ostensibly make them disloyal to the country in which they live,” the ADL website states.

“Because of the long history of antisemitic associations of Jews with money and commerce, and allegations that Jews place their transnational ethnic affiliations ahead of the interests of their non-Jewish neighbors, these pejorative subtexts quickly take on antisemitic connotations,” the website says.

Antisemites and white nationalists often use the term as a code word for Jews, according to the ADL.

As an Antisemite and white nationalist, I resent that characterization of how I characterize Jews.

Generally, I use the following terms as “code words” for Jews:

  • Kikes
  • Judenrats
  • Filthy hook-nosed parasites
  • Blood-drinking vampire weasels
  • Christ-Killing yid vermin
  • The Satanic Hebrew menace
  • etc.

I use the word “globalist” exclusively in reference to non-Jews who engage in globalism. It is simply assumed that a Jew is also a globalist. What else is he going to be? A nationalist – of a foreign nation?

The Jews have a nation, but allegiance to that nation is not called “Israeli Nationalism,” it is called “Zionism.”

And Zionism is in itself a form of globalism. The worst form, in fact. As the Jewish state is only able to exist in the same manner that an individual Jew is able to exist: by drinking the blood of non-Jews.

Zionism is predicated on diaspora Jews occupying other nations and funneling resources – and moral and ideological support from goyim – into the Jewish state.

Without the backing of the American military, where would Israel be, exactly?

Well, it wouldn’t be Israel at all. It would be Palestine, and all the Jews would be pushed into the sea by a zerg rush of Arabs.

They Keep Doing This

I remember when this first happened. I was shocked at the nerve. So was Queen Ann.

Forever, the Jews have been claiming that “international banker” is an anti-Semitic slur. This is because virtually all international bankers are Jewish. Just as virtually all ideological globalists are Jewish. It is extremely novel to find an international banker or an ideological globalist who is not Jewish.

And that is what they are admitting when they say that even talking about international banking or globalism is anti-Semitic hatred. They are saying “we are doing these things, it is evil for you to notice that we are doing these things – stop talking about the things we are doing, or you are evil.”

But globalism is a very big issue. They are transforming the entire meaning of what it is to be human with this monumental earth-encompassing social engineering program. You cannot simply shut down all discussion of this process of dissolving borders to create a one-world government because it happens to be mostly Jews that are doing it.

Jews have really, really overestimated their ability to shame the goyim into going along with their evil plots by summoning up their idiotic fake shower room gas chamber hoax.

No one gives a shit about your whiny bullshit anymore, kikes.

You’re going to have to explain what the hell you are doing with this globalist project.