Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 11, 2018

911 was 17 years ago, and I was 17 when it happened. Which is funny.

Halfway point here.

I want to talk about “never forget.”

What does it mean?

When the Jews say “never forget” in reference to the Holocaust, they are talking about how you have to stop “Nazi” AKA white people from ever having power again. Because if they have power again, they will allegedly gas the Jews in fake shower rooms using insecticide and turn them into lampshades and soap.

But 911 was done by Moslems.

At least it was ostensibly done by Moslems. I think it was done by Saudi Arabia, as they’ve now admitted, but I think Israel certainly played a key role in planning it. Israel is obviously all up in Saudi intelligence, and they had to have known it was going to happen. I think they also had to have helped coordinate it. Israel and Saudi were the two nations who stood to benefit so much from the ensuing wars.

Anyway, that isn’t really the point.

The point is: what does it mean “never forget” if you’re not talking about “never forget that Moslems did this to us and they are our blood enemies forever”?

Like, are you just supposed to remember the trauma of the event itself?

What specific thing are you not supposed to forget?

In the 00s, it kinda was like “never forget you hate the Moslems” when they were saying that Saddam planned it so we have to invade Iraq for 15 years.

But it certainly doesn’t mean that now.

Millions upon millions of guys who look exactly like the hijackers have been marched into Europe.

We’re marching almost as many of these “people” into America – on planes.

So what is the thing “never forget”?

What are we not forgetting here?

Or did we actually forget the literal thing which was “fuck Moslems”?

Obama didn’t really talk much about 911 at all. It seems to have been buried generally, even though it was objectively the most important even of the last 50 years.

Weird how the narratives can switch so quickly and even as they change fundamentally, still always benefit one specific group of people.