Never Forget: Lara Logan Claims She was Gang-Raped by Hundreds of Arabs

While the world was focusing on “never forgetting” the towers being blown up by those Jews (controlled demolition with bombs – check building 7), I was personally focused on something else we should never forget: Lara Logan claims she was raped by 200-300 Arabs while reporting on the fall of Hosani Mubarak in Egypt in 2011.

I started to remember the importance of not forgetting this when Logan filled in for Tucker Carlson on Friday. Tucker took the entire Labor Day week off. I think this is the first time she’s filled in for him as guest host, but she is a regular guest on the show.

It’s fair to say there are two kinds of people in this world: those who believe in this gang-rape and those who do not. However, I myself do not have a strong opinion on whether it is true. It certainly doesn’t seem like it is true.

Please note that there are no pictures of it, and the claim by Lara Logan is that the camera went out. At the same time, she claims that these hundreds of rapists were filming her with their phones – but none of that footage has ever emerged. Surely, someone would have posted it online, no? Even if it was later deleted, we could at least have someone saying “yes, we saw the footage.”

Logan worked for CBS at the time, from whence she was fired in disgrace after reporting nonsense about the Benghazi hoax. After the alleged gang-rape, she did an interview for 60 Minutes about the supposedly shocking ultra-rape.

She maybe gave a clearer version of her story last year, in an interview with Newsweek:

People were celebrating. It seemed a pro-American crowd. Suddenly, our translator turned to me with a look of sheer terror and said, ‘Run, run!’ I felt people grabbing between my legs. I was quite stunned. Our security, Ray Jackson, and the rest of us ran, and others in the crowd were running with us. I thought we were getting away, but some of the men running with us became my rapists.

“Ray told me to stay on my feet and hold onto him,” she continued. “If I was knocked down, I’d die. I fought the assault as best I could for 15 minutes, but they tore all my clothes off and raped me with their hands, with flagpoles and with sticks. They sodomized me over and over. They were fighting for my body. I couldn’t hold on to Ray any longer. There was a moment I gave up, but I kept thinking about my two babies.”

At this point, Logan was holding back tears. But she wanted to finish her story because she believes that some other journalists she has spoken to have skirted details or played down the attack to soothe their own biases.

“It was so hard to breathe; there was so much pressure on my rib cage. They tried to rip my limbs off. I went down and I couldn’t get up. It was a mad frenzy for a piece of me. They tried to scalp me with their hands, ripping out clumps of my hair. In that mayhem, I was dragged into an area where women and children had been camped out and protesting. I landed into the lap of a woman. I was naked and hysterical, and some boys stood between the men and this Egyptian woman. People threw clothing at me. It was amazing I could be so humiliated while so close to death. The moment I thought I was lost was when I lost Ray, but I realized later he went to force the Egyptian army to look for me.”

In the chaos, Logan recalls being wrapped in a chador, a cloak worn by women in the region, then carried to a Jeep where she was reunited with her crew. A doctor sedated her at her hotel; she was flown back to the U.S. and spent the next four days hospitalized.

“Hillary Clinton acknowledged what happened to me, and President Obama called me personally on the phone to acknowledge it,” Logan said. “What happened to me is not in dispute.”

Logan contends that a 2014 profile of her in New York magazine titled “Benghazi and the Bombshell,” which described the incident in Cairo as “groping,” is a biased “hit piece,” according to Logan’s $25 million lawsuit for defamation against the publication that is still pending. The story was designed to destroy her credibility and protect Obama’s legacy over Benghazi, she said.

Newsweek emailed New York magazine to ask for comment on Logan’s allegation of having downplayed her gang rape and for the decision to characterize the attack as “groping”; the spokesperson declined to comment. But in a December 2019 article in The Hill about the lawsuit, New York said in a statement, “The New York Magazine article was thoroughly vetted and fact-checked, and we stand by our reporting.”

When someone says I was merely groped, I don’t forget. And I don’t forgive,” said Logan. She told Newsweek that while the lawsuit alleges numerous errors and biases in the article, “nothing mattered more” to her than reducing “rape” to “grope.” “I could not believe anyone would do that when the truth was known … What also concerned me was that the truth would be adjusted and then rewritten over time and eventually lost.”

I guess everyone on earth has to make their own decision about whether or not they believe that bullshit. I take some issue with the claim that while she was being passed along in a rape train (which included being repeatedly sodomized with sticks), she was raped into an area with women and children, and the women protected her while some young boys stood up to the crowd of serious gang-rapists.

The 2014 New York Magazine piece, written by Joe Hagan, is still up. It is a hit piece intended to get her fired from CBS, but it doesn’t say “she lied about rape.” It just says “groped” and leaves out the word “rape.” I don’t think she can win this lawsuit.

The article is strange, talking about how good-looking she is and how she used sex to manipulate everyone around her. The emphasis put on how she’s so sexy is jarring. She isn’t really that attractive, she is just good at flopping her big fake tits around everywhere.

If you can look at that picture and remove your eyes from her chest up to her face, you will find that it’s nothing much. But the article claims that while working in the Middle East, she was able to get good sources by flopping those silicon sacks around.

Actually, I think she is attractive now, for her age, but that just means she’s had good plastic surgery. Most of her attractiveness in her 30s appears to have been related to her accent, and her boldness in flashing her jugs everywhere.

Despite the fact she looks okay on the TV, flashing the jugs is not a good move at 50. These jugs are looking pretty road-worn.

What’s more, they are multiplying, with new jugs forming at her armpits.

It’s like the Zerg Creep in Starcraft.


And yes – her tits are definitely fake. She did bikini modeling as a teenager and you can see they were much smaller.

And no – it’s not just a pushup bra.

She lets them doggies loose with no bra sometimes.


But frankly, breast implants are so good now, and so cheap, that for a grimy whore there is literally no reason not to get them.

The New Yorker article is pretty damning. It describes the fact that she cheated on her own husband with a married man – and was caught in a sex act by the other man she was cheating on her husband with.

Gang-Rape Should be Legal in America

This brings us to the obvious point: if she was gang-raped, then didn’t she deserve it?

The Islamic policy of retributory gang-rape is a truly just policy. If women want to play around with sex, they might get what’s coming to them. When a woman goes out showing off her body and trying to manipulate men, she is knowingly exploiting a weakness in men for personal gain. This is a criminal type behavior by women, and the only reasonable response is gang-rape.

Probably, the truth of this hoax is somewhere in the middle: she probably did get groped, maybe they ripped her clothing off, but I seriously doubt she was sodomized with a stick. That’s just wacky.

Like, why would there even be a stick in that crowded square? Was it on the ground? Or did someone rip a fresh stick from a tree? Or are we talking about a broomstick? And what about the flagpoles? A flagpole up your ass is enough to kill you, and she was only in the hospital for four days? Why would these men not simply use their penises?

I always say that sluts deserve to be gang-raped, and I think people think I’m joking. But it is literally what they deserve. It should be legalized, and we would not have any more of these problems with women. If a woman knows that at any point a crowd of men could jump on her and rip her clothes off, she’s not going to be so quick to leave her house in slut clothing, or without an escort.

Inevitably, whenever I advocate for the full legalization of brutal gang-rape, some white knight says “Anglin, if you try to rape my daughter, I’ll slit your throat and bleed you like a goat…!” Obviously, the implication from anyone who says that is that his daughter is a greasy skank, and therefore would benefit from corrective gang-rape. The fact that the eternal white knight’s daughter is a slut is a much bigger problem than the fact that under my system she will be gang-raped, and in fact, the latter is a solution to the former.

Of course, no one wants to live in a society where you’re standing in line waiting for your burger at McDonald’s and all of a sudden a gang-rape breaks out because some slut decided to let it all hang out. However, in the case of legalized gang-rape, these incidents would be rare, and men would not be required to participate in the gang-rape if they did not have the energy. But you have to allow gang-rape, or else sluts will run buckwild.

Imagine the recent viral clip of those ultra-grimy skanks howling at the man who attempted to address the fact that they were wearing whore clothes in front of his children. How much different would that have gone if the man could instead send his children to the car and then gather a rape mob of other men from the beach? Those sluts would not be so smug, would they?

Gang-rape is the great equalizer.

Just as the firearm makes every man tall, gang-rape gives every man the power of sex.

Women have the power of sex, and men have physical strength to respond to that power.

Right now, women are allowed to completely abuse sex in all ways, to totally exploit men. That needs to be understood. A man cannot help but look at a woman who is showing off her body publicly, and it has a kind of hypnotizing effect, where she is able to manipulate his behavior by flaunting her body. He cannot think clearly when confronted by an attractive woman showing off her body. He effectively loses his personal autonomy. This is not fair. She has no right to do this.

Men have no recourse. As we saw in those TikToks, if a man attempts to simply address a group of sluts and tell them to be more respectful, he is mocked and publicly humiliated. Now, he is humiliated in front of millions of people, as the media spreads the story, letting men know that if they try to push back against women’s sexual abuses, they will suffer a similar humiliation.

Sluts claim to be equal to men. Well, if that is the case, they should be able to fight off a group of gang-rapists.

We are drowning in nonsense, to the point where women will say that a woman going topless is the same thing as a man not wearing a shirt. This is lunacy. A man’s body is not sexual in the way a woman’s is, except for homosexuals (who should be banned). Women have very low testosterone, so they simply do not have a very serious sex drive. Certainly, they cannot be controlled by their sexual urges in the way a man can be controlled by a woman. Everyone fundamentally understands this, but our society is at war with nature, so is determined to deny natural facts.

My slogan is very simple: “Women are the problem – GANG-RAPE is the solution!”

The Taliban Isn’t Doing This

Lara Logan couldn’t really get her stories straight.

She was apparently pro-democracy, pro-Arab Spring. Even now, she is a clear neocon. But she accused the Arab Springers in Cairo of being gang-rapists. She was trying to celebrate a victory for democracy with them, and they up and jumped her bones.

So what does that say?

Probably, it says that democracy is not natural for the Arabs or Moslems more broadly.

Meanwhile, Lara Logan is going on the Tucker Carlson show and pushing a narrative that I don’t think Tucker himself supports – that the Taliban is secretly a terrorist organization in disguise, possibly al-Qaeda or ISIS, and that we should have stayed in Afghanistan for the purpose of democracy.

Well, here’s the thing: the Taliban isn’t gang-raping anyone.

I think they should be, but they’re not.

So, according to her own beliefs, terrorist Moslems are more respectful of feminism than pro-America democracy Moslems, the latter being serious gang-rapists that will straight up sodomize a bitch with a flagpole.

Explain that, Lara Logan.

It’s Whatever

I hate the way so many right-wingers white knight for skanks. It’s really incredible.

Lara Logan was smart to go to the right, because these people worship women. I’m surprised that there are even any men on Fox News at all. Conservatives love to be spoken to like they are children by bossy women, and they think women are very smart.

I don’t blame skanks for being skanks. They are just doing what comes naturally. The really disgusting thing is the men who enable the worst conceivable behavior in women.

I don’t think Logan really hurts the Tucker show by being a stupid whore. The issue is that this neocon agenda she promotes does not really line up with the agenda Tucker should have.