Neutral Apocalypse: The Sky is Falling on Ur Tubes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 14, 2017

Game over.

Net neutrality was repealed today.


The Federal Communications Commission has voted to repeal the rules classifying internet providers as public utilities. Critics say this will lead to pay-for-play behavior by providers, while FCC chair argues it will benefit consumers.

The Republican-majority commission voted along party lines on Thursday to repeal the 2015 rules adopted under the Obama administration, which classified ISPs as public utilities under a 1934 law intended to regulate telephone service. FCC chairman Ajit Pai has argued that these “heavy-handed” regulations throttled investment and innovation and harmed poor and rural consumers.

This is not Thunderdome. The FCC is not killing the internet,” Commissioner Brendan Carr said at the hearing on Thursday. “We are not relying on market forces alone. We are not giving ISPs free reign to dictate your online experience.”

“I dissent from the contempt this agency has shown our citizens in pursuing this path today,” said Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel, adding the repeal puts the FCC “on the wrong side of history.”

According to the Jewish media, the end of net neutrality is literally the apocalypse, brought about by Donald Trump because he is evil.

Specifically for the sole reason of being evil. And insane.

Saying in this situation that he is evil for siding with mega-corporations makes no sense, as it is all even bigger corporations that he is standing up against.

Basically, they lost the censorship scare ground when they kicked me offline. They can no longer use that. And that was their main thing: “Comcast will censor you.”

So I am reading articles saying things like: “oppressed minorities will have a more difficult time accessing needed healthcare information.”

Actual headline from a Jew. The goyim will forget about the “free and open internet” thing – now it’s about stealing tubes from poor people.

They are also saying your computer will be hacked because of this act by the evil madman Trump.

Their main argument now is that Netflix is going to charge you more because Comcast is going to start charging them more. Neither of those companies have said anything to indicate this is true. I would not be surprised if Netflix upped fees regardless, just to prove a point.

Your cuck porn just got $2 a month more expensive. Might as well off yourselves. 

Of course, that could then be proven and viewed as gouging.

In the long run, killing NN means more investment into infrastructure, and thus a faster internet.

The actual situation is that Silicon Valley was engaged in rent-seeking, getting the government to force Comcast to give them unlimited free internet, and they have now been blown the fuck out. The FCC ruling was largely based on what they did to The Daily Stormer. Because the argument for net neutrality was that Comcast would censor people, and then Google, GoDaddy, Tucows, Cloudflare – not to mention PayPal, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube – all censored me and others.

They have attempted to act in unison to exile me from the internet. They have done so with the aid of the entire system of activist journalists (who view this site both as a political opponent and a business competitor), along with a network of criminals.

The FCC said “your argument that you are against censorship is now void.”

They keep talking about how horrible the internet was in 2015, before NN was passed – however, I distinctly remember having no problems in before 2015.

Everything they’re saying is nonsense, which is why they cannot come up with a coherent argument.

The reason they are making so much noise about it is:

a) because it is taking power away from Silicon Valley, and they want power consolidated there because it is extremely politically liberal and will censor people, and

b) because most journalists writing about it don’t know what it is, and thus are going into a confused rage as they struggle to explain something they understand nothing about.

But I can tell you: it is only good for us.

This is the first step in a drastic reshaping of internet, making it free as it was before Obama’s second term.

As long as you can theoretically afford up to $2 more a month for your Netflix, you’ve got nothing to worry about.