Netherlands: Muslim Rapper Makes Video About Kidnapping and Murdering Geert Wilders

Daily Stormer
March 20, 2014

A Muslim rapper – Muslims love rap like they love rape – has made a music video which appears to threaten Geert Wilders with kidnapping and murder.

From Dutch News:

Geert Wilders, leader of the anti-Islam PVV, said on Tuesday he will take legal action against a rapper for a video clip featuring a man in a bad blonde wig being kidnapped and possibly shot.

‘If this is no threat, then what is?’ Wilders said in a reaction to the video, from Frisian rapper Hozny.

The rap, Geertje, is a recital of facts about Wilders’ life, including his youth, his membership of the VVD and his anti-Islam film Fitna. It ends with the ‘Wilders’ character kneeling with guns at his head. After the screen goes blank, a shot is heard.

Wilders used a similar tactic when he ended Fitna with a bomb explosion. He has also previously taken legal action against rappers over apparent video threats.

Prime minister Mark Rutte said the video is ‘disgusting’. ‘We are an open democracy and Geert Wilders, Alexander Pechtold… we all should be able to do our jobs,’ Rutte said.