Netherlands: Moroccans, Turks Rioting for Days, Lighting Fires, Stoning Police, Targeting White Civilians

Diversity is our greatest strength, because it keeps society interesting.

What would you do without a little vibrancy?

Infowars Europe:

Mobs of “immigrant youths” have been rioting in The Hague for days, destroying property and attacking Dutch police, according to reports.

Insurgents lit fires, detonated explosives, and threw stones and other projectiles at law enforcement during the second consecutive night of turmoil in the migrant-heavy district of Schilderswijk.

“Turks and Moroccans pulled people out of their cars. But not women with headscarves. No, only Dutch, Surinamese,” one Dutch Twitter user wrote.

“Their cars were dented and scratched. Smashed the windows of their houses.”

“A helicopter flies over the neighborhood. People react in disgust on social media.”

Rioters reportedly ripped fire hydrants open, depleting the city’s water supply.

“At various places in The Hague there was no more water from the tap on Thursday morning. The pressure had disappeared from the network by opening the hydrants,” SCEPTR reports, noting that Schilderswijk was the scene of a pro-ISIS demonstration in 2014.

Four people were arrested following Thursday’s riots, according to local media.

Next time some racist says that diversity isn’t good, just point them to these Netherlands riots, and say, “you think that isn’t fun? What kind of society of boredom are you racists pushing for?”