Netherlands: People Have Voted for Islamization [UPDATES]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 15, 2017


Here are some of the Dutch voters who I think it’s safe to say voted against Wilders:

That last one is in Amsterdam, voting at a Mosque.

I think we might get a bit of encouragement when we get the statistics – if Netherlands gives them. I’m guessing it was sandpeople and women who voted against Wilders, while white men voted for him.

That’s the general pattern.

Also, on the upside: at least Wilders won’t be setting the tone for European nationalism. This guy is way too pro-kike. At least Le Pen wants to ban yarmulkes.


Angela Merkel’s chief of staff, Peter Altmaier, has sent congratulations via twitter:

The Netherlands, oh the Netherlands you are a champion!

Congratulations on this great result.

That’s a real kick in the balls.

Right straight in the friggin balls, mate.



It’s widely accepted that it’s over now.

The people have spoken.

The message is loud and clear:

Italian Prime Minister, Paolo Gentiloni, is gloating on Twitter about the referendum on the EU.

No Nexit.

Anti-EU right lost the elections in the Netherlands.

Common commitment to change and relaunch EU.

It’s sort of a “reboot” that he’s suggesting.

Like Batman vs Superman.


I’m bothered.

I’m bothered that people have been given a choice, and they chose Islam and subservience to the Merkel Machine (soon to be the even worse Schulz Machine).

It’s difficult.

Very difficult.

The people themselves want to be destroyed. Or, many of them do. Because it feels good to destroy yourself when you’ve been told that’s the morally correct thing to do.


It looks like Wilder is basically conceding.

He tweeted:

PVV voters thanks!

We have won seats!

First projection is in!

I will keep coming after Rutte!!

So, he’ll still be around seems to indicate “but not running the country.”

Martin Schulz and other Germans are mocking the Netherlands, which will now be doomed to being raped and pillaged by monkeys from everywhere.

Schulz tweeted:

Wilders can’t win the Netherlands election.

I’m relieved, but we must continue the fight for an open and free Europe.

Pretty sure it’s over.


Exit polls look terrible.

Wilders is PVV (Dutch Freedom Party).

Also, the results coming in from (supposedly very leftist) rural provinces are very bad.

Not looking great.

Original article follows.

So, today is the big day.

Big, big day.

Not as important as France, but it will set the tone for France.

France is watching this – probably more than they are watching Donald Trump.

This is a referendum on the Islamization of Europe and on the continued existence of the European Union.


The Dutch tested their own tolerance for immigration and Islam on Wednesday in an election magnified by a furious row with Turkey, the first of three polls in the European Union this year where nationalist parties are seeking breakthroughs.

The center-right VVD party of Prime Minister Mark Rutte, 50, is vying with the PVV (Party for Freedom) of anti-Islam and anti-EU firebrand Geert Wilders, 53, to form the biggest party in parliament.

As many as 13 million voters began casting ballots at polling stations across the country that will close at 2000 GMT. A charged campaign, plus clear skies and sunshine meant high turnout was expected. National broadcaster NOS said that by 0930 GMT in the morning, turnout was at 15 percent, 2 percent ahead of the previous parliamentary election in 2012.

With as many as four out of 10 voters undecided a day before voting and a tight margin of just 4 percent between leading candidates, the outcome was unpredictable.

Wilders, who has vowed to “de-Islamicise” the Netherlands, has little chance of forming a government given that other leading parties have ruled out working with him. But a first place PVV finish would still send shockwaves across Europe.

The vote is the first gauge this year of anti-establishment sentiment in the European Union and the bloc’s chances of survival after the 2016 surprise victory of “America First” presidential candidate Donald Trump in the United States and Britain’s vote to exit the EU.

“Whatever the outcome of the election today the genie will not go back into the bottle and this patriotic revolution, whether today or tomorrow, will take place,” Wilders said after voting at a school in The Hague.

Wilders won over Wendy de Graaf, who dropped her children off at the same school. “I hope he can make a change to make the Netherlands better.. I don’t agree with everything he says… but I feel that immigration is a problem,” she said.

The polls close in a few minutes.

We’ll update you when the results start coming in.

Red Ice has a livestream on now.