Netherlands: Immigrant Children Demand White Classmates

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 23, 2015

But... they're only children!
But… they’re only children!

What multiculturalism is about is hunting down White people and forcing them to be subjected to parasitism by these hordes of brown animals.

If that were not the case then there would be no reason for them to come to our countries. It is not as if they are running out of space. All of the reasoning behind mass non-White immigration has something to do with them deserving physical resources from us – in other words, they are drinking our blood.

The nerve of these people...
The nerve of these people…

This fact was put on bizarre display recently in the Netherlands, when children took to the streets to demand White pupils be forced to attend their schools.


Around 100 schoolchildren — Arabs, Turks, Africans, Moroccans — accompanied by their parents and teachers, wore provocative dazzling white T-shirts emblazoned with “Is this white enough for you?”.

Dutch native Annelies, 10, and immigrants’ daughter Aminata, 11, have been friends since kindergarten and are also wearing the shirts, which have “All children have the right to integrate” written on the back.

They “want more white children in the school to learn about each other’s cultures,” said Aminata, her smiling face framed by dangling African braids during Friday’s protest.

“It’s important for later,” said the blonde-haired Annelies. “When we’re grown up we will have to deal with different cultures, we should already start learning to live together.”

“At the moment there’s only one boy in our class who is 100 percent Dutch, although we live in a mixed neighbourhood, it’s ridiculous,” she said.

The pupils’ two schools – De Avonturijn and Catharinaschool – are considered “black” in this ethnically mixed southern Amsterdam neighbourhood, as more than 90 percent of their pupils are from immigrant backgrounds.

– ‘Black schools’ –

The number of new pupils signing up continues to drop and the schools are now threatened with closure, so today they’re going door-to-door, ringing doorbells and delivering flyers saying “We’re looking for white pupils”.

“When, for different reasons, a school ‘becomes blacker’, it’s very difficult to reverse the trend,” said Diane Middelkoop, spokeswoman for the two schools.

“White children’s parents no longer want to be part of the school. I can understand that: we all want to feel at home and that means that we want to see people who share our origins and culture,” she said.

For some, the phenomenon shows that racism is rampant in Dutch culture.

“It’s shameful that it’s come to this, that children have to take to the street to go to school with white children,” said resident Joan, 80, originally from the former Dutch colony of Suriname, tears in her eyes.

She blames parents who take their children out of what Dutch media call “black schools”.

“It’s racism and I’m ashamed. There was always a bit of racism in this country, but today it’s serious, it has to stop,” she said.

My God. I don’t even know what to say about this.

They first demand a right to come to the country, then a right to have everything for free, then special privileges over the natives, now they want the kids so they can leech off their energies.

At what point have we given these people enough?

The answer is, of course, never. Enough will never be enough, because these are not individuals, they are a collective group working for the good of the collective group, and good for the group is all that matters, meaning there is no point where it is okay to say “well, we’ve taken enough from these Whites, let’s let them keep this one little thing…” because as long as there is one little thing that the parasites could benefit from having, they will demand it.

It is all or nothing, and I vote for giving these people absolutely nothing. Ship the monkeys home.