Netherlands: Government and Football Association Go Full Orwellian Parody to Combat Skinhate

Daily Stormer
February 14, 2020

Can’t have people in the seats saying mean things about the millionaire ballmonkeys, you stupid goyim.

Because that’s not freedoms, that’s hatreds, you stupid goyim.

And hatreds is illegal, you stupid goyim.

Free West Media:

The Royal Dutch Football Association (KNVB) and the government have presented a €14 million concept to tackle racism in football. The action plan entitled “Our football belongs to everyone” includes tougher penalties, stronger video surveillance and an app that allows stadium visitors to report racist acts.

The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam is also developing “fair play workshops” against racism for teenagers in schools.

For something that should be our greatest strength, it really takes a lot of effort to implement.

A lot of effort that never seems to do anything except employ legions of Jews to brainwash and harass people with those people’s own money.

“We make it easier for players, clubs and fans to report discriminatory statements. We make it easier to collect evidence so that the perpetrators can be punished more quickly,” the KNVB explains its strategy. A total of 20 measures are planned.

In the app, fans will be able to anonymously report “all forms of discrimination”. “By filling out a questionnaire, leaving a recorded message or uploading a photo,” all reports will be registered and forwarded to the KNVB. The app is based on the model of an existing application software in England.

Of course the Britcucks did it first.

Britcucks are more sensitive to the footy skinhate than anyone else.

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports is also promoting improved camera systems and other stadium security measures. For this purpose, 87 million euros would be made available annually. The identified perpetrators face up to a ten year ban in the stadium. An “explicit focus” is on “punishments that lead to more awareness and a change in behavior,” the plan noted.

87 million euros is around 94 million dollars, so they’ll be spending almost a billion in the next 10 years to combat skinhate on just this one sport.

And these people running the government right now, you know what’s gonna happen to them for doing shit like this and worse?

They’re either gonna run the government again after the next elections, or after taking a 4-year break.

What is called democracy today is literally the worst form of government ever created.

Literally picking people off the street at random would have better results. Bringing in people from the organized crime industry would have better results. Anything but this.

The association also intends to train soccer trainers and referees and to raise awareness of the issue of racism. It is important “when positive behavior is rewarded and good examples are staged”. Before the start of the next season, some 5 000 referees and 65 employees are to receive anti-racism instruction.

Racist chants against an Excelsior Rotterdam player last November prompted the actions of the Dutch government and the football association.

“Staged” is the right word to use here, since nothing good happens when diversity is involved without some Jew directing it from the shadows.

And it’ll only get worse and worse, until we get rid of it, and of its underlying cause.