Netherlands: Burka Ban has No Meaning Because Cops Won’t Enforce It

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 2, 2019

If only White Men had testosterone, we would be doing reverse-Islam and raping every woman wearing a burka.

Boy, that sure would be hilarious.


We are soy.

Fox News:

The Netherlands’ ban on face-covering clothing, including the Islamic burqa and niqab, took effect on Thursday, but authorities say they are unwilling to enforce the controversial law.

The new Dutch law, dubbed the “burqa ban,” bans the face-covering clothing on public transportation, in government buildings and at health and education institutions. The law also applies to ski masks, full-face helmets, balaclavas, and other similar face-covering items.

Those caught breaking the law are given the option of either removing the item or get a fine up to $500. People are still allowed to wear the items in the streets.

The Netherlands is the latest country to enact such a law, following in the footsteps of several European countries including France, Germany, Belgium, Austria and Denmark.

Despite the law being in full effect, authorities have signaled they aren’t treating the crime as a priority and warned that it could also have unintended consequences such as deterring veiled Muslim women from entering police stations to file complaints as they would have to remove their veils, the Guardian reported.

Transport companies also said they won’t be ordering their personnel on public transport to enforce the ban.

“The police have told us the ban is not a priority and that therefore they will not be able to respond inside the usual 30 minutes, if at all,” said Pedro Peters, a spokesman for the RET transport network, according to the newspaper.

“This means that if a person wearing a burqa or a niqab is challenged trying to use a service, our staff will have no police backup to adjudicate on what they should do. It is not up to transport workers to impose the law and hand out fines.”

The Netherlands is the only country still trying to force Moslems to assimilate to utopian atheist consumerism. Even the French have given up.

But, at the same time, Islam has kind of given up. On Matt Forney’s most recent podcast, he talked about how Islam has been absorbed into the globo-homo megaplex, and how the Islamic symbols are no longer religiously meaningful and have become nothing more than tribal identifiers for a grievance group among the multicult.

He cited the fact that they are now having rap concerts in Saudi Arabia.

He also cited the fact that Ilhan Omar supports trannies and every other nightmarish faggot thing while also wearing a burka and noted that a burka is a symbol for submission to the natural order, where women are subservient to men, and that being in Congress is the opposite of this symbol.

It’s compelling evidence and I think he’s probably right.

We’ve seen a massive shift in just the last five years in the way Islam functions in Western societies. Moslems are thousands or possibly tens of thousands of times more likely to be involved in drug and prostitution gangs than they are to be involved in radical religious groups. They watch all the movies and listen to all the rap songs, they buy all of the products.

French Arabs, for instance, are absolute soy.

The allure of the sex, drugs and McDonald’s turned out to be stronger than Islam. So they’re incorporating the symbols of Islam into a new type of collective group identity that they use to batter White people.

So really, attacking Islam as if it is a religious group that needs to abandon its cultural identity has become pointless. Because the boomers talking about burka bans aren’t against multiculturalism. They’re trying to fight the spook of Islamic jihadism. But right now, the burka is no different than sagging jeans and a flat-bill hat.

Islamic terrorists still exist, and they will keep doing things, but the idea that the majority of Moslems would support a full Islamization of Western society is wrong. Even when Western countries turn a majority Moslem – which is going to happen pretty soon in places like the Netherlands – they will still have all the rap music and McDonald’s, just like Saudi Arabia, the most religiously Islamic nation on earth, has these things.

They’re still going to hate Jews and faggots, but all brown people hate Jews and faggots. Even the Asians hate Jews and faggots. The only people on earth that tolerate Jews and faggots are Whites. So there’s not really a way to solve that particular problem.

But the war against religious Islam is already over. Jews won. People who are still talking about banning the burka or fighting “Islamism” should just start talking about sending men in gas masks onto the streets to round-up brown people and mass-deport them if they want to say something that means something.

I’ve mocked the burka ban forever. It’s just a way to harass Moslems. Which is kinda funny. I’m not against it. But the entire ideology behind it is cucked and absurd.

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