Netherlands Bans the Burka in Public Buildings

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 30, 2016


The burka ban is a weak measure.

On one hand, it is negative, because it promotes the idea that you can somehow assimilate these “people” if you just force them to disregard their own culture. On the other hand, it makes them angry in a hilarious way.

On the third hand, it is better not to have to look at these women’s disgusting weasel faces.

Overall, I think it’s stupid.


The lower house of the Dutch parliament has voted in favor of banning face veils and other face covering garments in certain public places such as schools, hospitals or government buildings, citing security concerns.

The bill envisages a ban on Islamic veils and robes such as the burqa and niqab but also applies to all face coverings, including ski masks, helmets and balaclavas. It does not cover such situations as wearing burqas on the streets but applies only to specific situations, in which face recognition and proper communication are “essential.”

Those defying the ban would face a fine amounting to up to €410 ($430). Wearing face covering garments for protection or during sports activities or festivals and cultural events is exempted from the ban.

Basically, the reason they pass these measures is to attempt to quell the dissenting population that is becoming increasingly angry about the Moslem flood. It’s just a “see, we’re doing something” type measure.

At least France banned it on the street. Banning it only in public buildings is totally meaningless.