Netherlands: Almost Half of All Women Feel Unsafe in Public Because of Non-Whites

Daily Stormer
January 10, 2020

When the Dutch marched for refugees, it was all women and foreigners.

How many of them are actually gonna connect the dots and figure out this is mostly their fault?

Probably very few…


A stunning 44 percent of women in the Netherlands regularly feel unsafe in public spaces, according to findings of a large survey conducted by De Telegraaf.

Over 1,000 female readers were polled on a series of questions pertaining to personal safety and security, and the results indicate a sizable portion of the country’s female population is unable to comfortably move about in public on a consistent basis.

“Avoid public transport in the evening, hold your breath when you pass a group of young men on the street and always have a bunch of keys or a hair spray in your hand to ‘arm yourself’ against sudden danger: for a considerable number of Dutch women this has become the daily reality,” De Telegraaf reports.

Keys and hair spray for self-defense…

That’s also their fault, by the way. Anti-gun laws are always mostly pushed by women, because they just can’t help but turn all of society upside down every time their Electric Jew tells them they’re looking at something sad.

Interestingly, buried deep in the article is the revelation that “a striking number of women mentioned men of foreign origin” in connection with negative personal experiences, including sexual assault, harassment, and physical intimidation.

That was totally unexpected.

The survey found:

  • 85% sometimes feel unsafe using public transport, with one-third of that group saying the feeling is frequent or constant
  • 44% avoid public transportation altogether after dark
  • 55% regularly carry items that can be used as weapons, like umbrellas, keys, defensive sprays, or even knives
  • 42% sometimes walk alternate routes, even if they are longer, for safety reasons
  • 43% sometimes feel unsafe taking taxis
  • 28% feel unsafe walking around due to harassment by groups of men
  • Most women who have been attacked or sexually assaulted were not assisted by bystanders

That last question just proves whoever did this study is some basement-dwelling incel who jerks off to K-ON!

Why would the strong, independent womyn of the Netherlands need help from bystanders?

In fact, the womyn there are so strong and independent the cops don’t even bother looking for rapists and robbers, and focus on more important things…

…like harassing people who meanpost on the internet.

Which is also another thing that women actively support everywhere on the planet.

Multiple readers shared tales of being surrounded, robbed, or attacked by large groups of foreign males.

One woman says she awoke on a train to a man pleasuring himself in front of her before he pulled out a large knife and began cleaning his nails.

And I can guarantee most of these women have no idea this is happening because they’re mindlessly doing what Shlomo tells them to do.

In fact, I’m sure most of them would be happy to have me arrested just for writing this.

So no sympathy from me, you’re just reaping what you’ve sown.

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