Weird Netflix Drama Sexualizing Pre-Teen Girls is the New Normal

Here’s yet another thing you’re going to have to look forward to in your brave and bright new revolutionary future: open pedophilia.

This is the poster for the new French drama released by Netflix entitled “Cuties.”

That poster and the trailer led to a high degree of backlash. Netflix has decided to release the film, but pull the promotional artwork.

Many in the media claimed that the film is actually against sexualizing young girls. Of course, that is incompatible with that poster. It is also incompatible with basic reality that you would make a film focused on showing the sexualization of children but also be against it, unless it was explicitly framed as being against it. “It sends the message it might be bad, while letting the viewer come to his own conclusions” is promoting it with plausible deniability.

I’ve continually argued that the new definition of pedophilia was created in part to normalize actual pedophilia, to put people in a place where they have no ability to defend against actual pedophilia.

For those unaware, the term “pedophilia” traditionally meant “attraction to prepubescent children.” Then it so happened that a bunch of homosexual priests were caught molesting teenage boys. These boys were still underage, but they were not “children.” They were post-pubescent.

They needed an ability to distinguish between bad homosexuals and good homosexual, so they defined the priests who molested the boys as “not homosexuals, but pedophiles,” thereby redefining the term “pedophile” to mean “attraction to people who are under the legal age of consent in your jurisdiction.”

There are homosexual pedophiles. However, most homosexuals are “pederasts” who target boys who are experiencing sexual urges already. The entire goal of the homosexual is to convert the boy to homosexualism. And if he is able to associate early experiences of sexuality with men, then that boy is much more likely to convert to homosexualism.

This new definition of the term meant that thinking 17-year-old Britney Spears looked pretty good on the cover of Rolling Stone in 1999 was now pedophilia in some districts.

It effectively completely removed the value of the term “pedophilia,” and thereby removed the ability of people to identify with language the concept of sexualizing prepubescent children.

The age of consent is a thing, and should be a thing. I do not think we should allow teenagers to go around having sex, and we absolutely shouldn’t allow homosexuals to prey on teenage boys. But we already understood that. We also understood that puberty is a biological process that happens to humans that changes them from children into sexual beings, and that there is not something evil or immoral about having an attraction to a girl who has a fully developed body and yet hasn’t reached the age of consent.

People understand that a teenager is sexual. We were all teenagers once, and we understand that in fact, they are highly sexual, due specifically to this explosion of hormones in their bodies. I’m not a fan of the term “exploring sexuality,” as it always implies promiscuity, which I am opposed to, but people are at least able to understand how such a term applies to teenagers.

But they garbled that all together.

It was only a matter of time before they started targeting prepubescent children for sexualization, under the claim that “children have a right to explore their sexuality.” If someone said, “what do you mean, ‘children have a right to explore their sexuality,'” the response would be, “well, a 16-year-old has an ability to be sexual.”

But they kept on chanting “children have a right to explore their sexuality.”

And then you get this:

You see how this works? When they can remove your ability to use language to describe things, they can manipulate reality around your inability to express yourself.

It’s not a coincidence that this film is being rolled out in the middle of a cultural revolution. We’ve been hearing for years about how we need to relabel pedophiles as “minor attracted persons.” We’ve been hearing that pedophiles are actually victims of society. was pushing this line as far back as 2012.

We can see now that the last several decades have been spent grooming the population to prepare for what is happening right now: the great unveiling.

Yes: open, normalized pedophilia (by the original definition of the concept) is going to be a part of the New World Order that we are entering into. It is currently being rolled out as a part of this cultural revolution, and the Netflix film “Cuties” is the big announcement that it’s time for you to get used to it.

An earlier version of this article misidentified “Cuties” as a documentary. It is in fact a drama film, and they hired these little girls to dress-up like whores.