Netflix Sees Drop in Subscriptions as People Protest Pedophile-Positive Film “Cuties”

People were of course not ready for the full pornofication of prepubescent girls.

But someone had to be the first to promote it.

Netflix is taking one for the satanist team.

Penn Live:

People are cutting the Netflix cord after the platform’s release of the French film, “Cuties.”

According to FOX Business, numbers gained by research firm, YipitData, show a significant increase in users who chose not to renew their subscriptions after the movie’s premiere. The streaming behemoth even saw a 1.3 percent drop in shares on Monday.

“Cuties” (or “Migonnes” in its original French) follows the story of Amy (Fathia Youssouf) who seeks to escape her family’s traditional conservative ways by joining a dance group. While this may sound like a lighthearted coming-of-age story, audiences became outraged over the sexualized nature of the film, particularly that of its core cast of 11-year-old girls.

Those defending the film, including Netflix itself, point to the fact that this sexualization is satirical and intended as a social commentary of how underaged girls are very much put into situations in which their bodies are inappropriately put on display. But many just aren’t buying that excuse, fervently getting behind the “#CancelNetflix” trend.

The cries for pulling “Cuties” from the platform don’t appear to be quieting down any time soon, either. Several petitions calling for the film’s removal have surfaced, each touting between 300,000 and 650,000 signatures as of the writing of this article.

If you feel heartened by the fact that people are not ready for literal pedophilia – please, don’t be.

The people who produced this didn’t think people would be ready for it. This is the beginning of a process of normalization.

They will release other media portraying preteen girls this way. Probably very soon – within the year. When the next thing comes out, the same people who were outraged this time will be outraged. But they will be less outraged. Because that is the process of desensitization.

Eventually, it will be normal, and even those who feel adamant that it is bad will no longer bother to oppose it, because they will psychologically recognize it as normal.

The fact is, pedophilia could have been normalized a long time ago. It could have been normalized and legalized and celebrated instead of homosexuality. The sanctification of “as long as it’s not kids” was arbitrary. The people who planned this social engineering program knew that there had to be some line that people thought was solid, and that was the “sex with children” thing.

You had this angle of “as long as it’s consenting adults,” but it just as easily could have been “as long as it’s a male and a female.” If you went back to the 1900s, people would obviously be much more repulsed by homosexuality than heterosexual pedophilia.

The fact of reality is that this “as long as it’s not kids” line was already crossed totally with the child tranny agenda. Child trannies are significantly worse than the sexualization of preteen girls. Child trannies are already fully normalized.

They have been having preteen little boys, who they claim are homosexuals, dressing up in these sex costumes for years now. “Desmond is Amazing” was 11 years old in 2018, and he danced on stage in a sex outfit while men threw dollar bills at him.

Jazz Jennings was interviewed as a tranny at age 6 by Barbara Walters, all the way back in 2007. He was celebrated all through the media long before he ever hit puberty.

There are many such cases.

I guess this phenomenon didn’t matter as much because they were boys.

It’s frustrating to me that there is such outrage over Cuties, frankly.

Because these people weren’t there when this same thing was being done to boys.

It’s also frustrating that there were apparently people who didn’t think this was going to happen with the girls. I’m sitting here wondering what they thought was going to happen? We were going to have everything in our entire society talking about homosexuality 25 hours a day, have boys being groomed to be trannies from the time they can walk, injected with all of these hormones, dancing at sex clubs – but we would always hold that the innocence of a preteen girl was sacred?

Is that what these people who are outraged over this Cuties film thought?

If they didn’t think that, then why weren’t they already canceling their Netflix subscription because they have a show with with a 9-year-old tranny?

Are you going to try to tell me this doesn’t count as “sexualizing children”?

Dressing a little boy up like a girl and injecting him with female sex hormones?

The Cuties thing bothers me just like it bothers everyone else, but it feels like the only reason it is bothering so many people is that they had this sacred line in their minds, that they imagined some sacred and secret agreement existed with the media that heterosexual pedophilia is a line that wouldn’t be crossed.

It’s a bit like conservatives with the guns, I think. It was okay to destroy every single one of our freedoms, to completely abolish free speech, and now to ban us from attending church – as long as they don’t come for the guns. Guns then became fetishized, and most conservatives weren’t even paying attention when the First Amendment was abolished.

Just so, most conservatives weren’t paying attention when homosexual pedophilia was normalized through the child tranny agenda, but now they’re on alert because heterosexual pedophilia is being normalized.

Do any of these gun fetishists think that a people who couldn’t defend their freedom of speech, a people who obeyed when they were told they were no longer allowed to attend church, are going to be able to hold on to their guns?

This is a society of cowards who refuse to stand up for what is right. So of course, every bad thing is going to happen to them. Because we know who rules here.