Netflix Producer Suing Harvey Weinstein Sent Him Lots of “Affectionate Emails” a Day After He Allegedly Raped Her

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
September 10, 2019

Weinstein and Alexandra Canosa

Does anyone really believe that these career women are a thing because of merit and not because they prostituted themselves to the right men in order to advance their careers?

Daily Mail:

A Netflix producer who claims Harvey Weinstein raped her several times sent the disgraced producer hundreds of affectionate emails, it’s been revealed.

Alexandra Canosa, who worked as a producer at the Weinstein Company for 10 years, is suing the mogul for sexually attacking her repeatedly from 2010 to 2017.

However, emails obtained by The New York Post show that less than two weeks after she says Weinstein forced her to perform oral sex on him in 2011, she sent an email to him writing: ‘Miss you too. Love to you and the girls‘.

And in another 2010 email she writes: ‘I’m thinking about you‘. This email was sent just one day after she claims he raped her.

Yes, she was thinking about the rape that he performed on her, you bigots — that’s what she meant.

She was processing what happened and when she realized it, she denounced it. Victims take their time to realize that they’re victims.

Canosa is one of scores of women who have come forward accusing Weinstein of sexual assault.

She suing Weinstein, 67, for unspecified damages.

Canosa, who produced the Netflix series Marco Polo, addresses Weinstein as ‘love’ and signs off with ‘love, Ally’ in several messages.

The emails go as far as 2017, when Canosa sent Weinstein a condolence message after his mother died.

‘I know how much she meant to you and how deeply loved and respected she was and I can only imagine how proud she must have been of all you have created and contributed to, throughout your life,’ she wrote.

A 2013 email shows Canosa wrote: ‘You have been my mentor and friend for many years now and have never failed to give me the right advice. I am trying to figure out what my next step should be for my career as a whole and I trust your guidance completely.’

Translation: “I’m willing to do the sex for opportunities thing again if you’re up for it and I mean, any kind of sex is okay. I’ll do whatever you ask.

The Post reports that Canosa tried to keep the messages out of the courtroom and then blasted Weinstein for refusing to agree to her request.

‘Weinstein and his counsel are trying to manipulate and misuse these emails out of context to taint the Jury pool by creating a false impression that there was a consensual sexual relationship when there was only a consensual business relationship,’ Canosa’s lawyer Jeremy Hellman wrote in a letter to the judge last month.

It was indeed a consensual business relationship. She gave him sex, he gave her connections and job opportunities or whatever.

Last week, the judge denied the motion, citing that that the emails ‘are not properly designated as confidential’.

Thomas Giuffra, another one of Canosa’s lawyers, said Sunday: ‘The defense has thousands of emails between Miss Canosa and Harvey Weinstein. They’re choosing to cherry-pick five or six of those emails to attempt to show some kind of consensual relationship between the two.’

Thousands of emails between them and they cherry-pick five or six? Then it will be easy to combat those five or six emails by showing the other 994 or 995 hate emails sent between them.

Weinstein’s lawyer Elior Shiloh said: ‘The truth was finally coming out’ after Canosa ‘desperately tried to hide her own emails from the public as they completely undermine her claims.’

Shiloh added: ‘The lawsuit is a slap in the face to actual victims of sexual violence’.

Canosa claims Weinstein sexually assaulted her for the first time in 2010 at the Tribeca Grand Hotel.

The alleged abuse continued until September 2017 and took place in New York, Los Angeles and overseas in Malaysia and Budapest.

She says he threatened that she would lose her job and he’d blackball her if she denied his advances.

Exactly. The content of these emails doesn’t mean that he didn’t rape her, you bigots. She could have been raped and enjoyed it in the moment because she didn’t know it was rape, but then she realized it was rape and knowing she was raped brought all the pain of the rape — all at once — that she’d have felt back during the rape if she knew she was getting raped.

Women can’t say no in the moment, they can’t even — they literally can’t even — and so after some time, they muster the strength to say something and come out to bravely do so. This is why we must believe women no matter what.

Believe Alexandra Canosa

Weinstein is a disgusting hand-rubbing pig, but that doesn’t change the fact that women are using their holes as tools to advance their careers in some way.

They’re known to do this.

Zoe Quinn, “video game developer, programmer, writer, and artist”

Women do this because they know they have nothing else to bring to the table. They can’t really compete with men in men’s areas doing men’s stuff, so they work around competition by using their Ace of Spades.

The only card they need is the Ace of Spades.

The few women appearing to have something interesting to say or to contribute are mimicking the greatness of a man by parroting his ideas.

“Behind every great man there’s a great woman” doesn’t mean that the woman has any credit to take for that man’s greatness — it means that she appears to be great because she mimics the greatness of the man.

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