Netflix CEO Donates $120M to Slowly Explain Antifa Liberal Arts Doctrines to Blacks

If there’s one problem that’s worse than all the other problems, it’s that blacks just can’t be bothered to learn about gender theory and get jobs doing… uhh, the things you do with gender theory.

They already get free stuff, so they usually have no need to get all weird, and they’re slow at memorizing, which is all you can really do with nonsensical doctrines.

Fortunately, you the reader truly love paying money for Netflix. You absolutely would not ever just torrent the shows you want to watch, because that would be stealing, and stealing is wrong.

Just because no one loses a thing when you copy it doesn’t mean that copying isn’t somehow “theft.”

So now, you will pay for the blacks’ liberal arts training.

Money well spent.

NBC News:

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and his wife, Patty Quillin, on Wednesday announced that they are committing $120 million to the United Negro College Fund and two historically Black colleges as part of the fight for racial justice spurred by the killing of George Floyd.

The gift, which Hastings called “the biggest gift we’ve ever given,” comes as businesses and business leaders across the country are donating to Black institutions and to those that support the fight for racial justice.

Hastings and Quillin will donate $40 million to the college fund and $40 million each to Spelman College and Morehouse College, both historically Black and based in Atlanta. The contribution is intended to support student scholarships at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, or HBCUs.

“We wanted to do our part to draw attention, in this case, to the HBCU’s 150 years of resilience, of educating young Black people and the stories not well understood in the white community,” Hastings said.

Mary Schmidt Campbell, president of Spelman College, said the donation would help students in need to focus on academics.

“It’s a statement from Patty and Reid of great faith in our students and faith in our institutions,” she said. “It’s going to mean that every year we’re going to be able to identify 20 high-performing students, high-need students and say to them ‘you get to go to college debt-free.'”

So, this school is getting $40 million from Netflix, and that translates into 20 full scholarships per year? One full ride per year, for every two million?

At that rate, they can’t even be spending the money on the students. They’re just going to invest it themselves and spend the interest.

They could spend all of that money over five years and push out ten times as many people in that period. I would bet that in five years, the revolution will be over and there will be new ways of getting money for black higher education.

Otherwise, they could just ask Netflix for more money in five years, if by that time the ancient many-tentacled behemoths haven’t awakened from their long slumber in the deep sea caves to liquefy us all with the glorious cybernetic microwaves of their maddening banshee screams.

That would be a relief, to be honest. It would mean that none of this present insanity had any significance.

Though I could also settle for it if there were at least a real medieval pox going around and decimating the population. It would make these new behaviors orderly and reasonable.

Either way would be much better than to think that we could have had good lives and advance as a civilization, but gave it all up because the media told us to.